Shine A Light On… Villette


We continue our search to pick out some of the finest talents from around the globe that are making fantastic sounds that more people should be listening to. This week, Villette has been kind enough to put a mix together for us which features a selection of great tracks. After hearing her remix of John Talabot's 'Without You', we couldn't resist asking her a few questions to find out a little bit more about the woman behind the music;

You're fairly new on our radar – can you tell us a few key details about yourself? Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do?

I am Siné. Abkhazian. Born in Istanbul, based in London. Freelance music journalist, DJ, producer, amateur photographer, food enthusiast, sister, daughter, sports lover, Liverpool FC fan…

What's your earliest memory of music?

Staring at my friend’s sheet music at 5, being incredibly taken, fake playing the piano with crippled hands in the air.

Why did you decide to start taking music seriously? Do you have any regrets?

I regret not moving to London earlier. It’s such an inspiring city! Music has been my life as long as I can remember. But it was last summer when I decided I had to produce. I was onstage before The XX gig in front of 7,000 people and wished I could play something of my own and manage to touch people the way a good musician does.

Who are your biggest influences? Is there anyone that you would describe your style as being similar to?

I love producers who are dark. John Talabot, Christian Löffler, The Field, Applescal, Gidge, Robag Wruhme, Sieren, Good Guy Mikesh, Moderat, Dark Mobson, Guy Gerber…A lot of people on Kompakt and Atomnation…You sometimes ask producers to describe their music and end up wondering what they’re on. I would happily write about others but am a bit lost at describing or comparing my own. I guess it’s melodic, minimal, glitchy techno. 

What's the music scene like in Istanbul?

You’d be surprised! There are some amazing independent artists out there but most stay super underground unfortunately due to lack of coverage and the small number of people who consume the more alternative genres. Ah! Kosmos who just got into RBMA, Gorkem Han, Gantz, Paradisko, Alpman and the Midnight Walkers are some of the brilliant musicians you should definitely check out.

What are you aiming to achieve with your music?

It sounds medieval but I come from a fairly conservative environment where it is not very desirable for women to be occupied with music professionally. So I am achieving a life-long dream by making music regardless of where it takes me. Launching my own label is icing on the cake…  

Who got you hooked on electronic music?

I was more of an indie dance, electronica kind of girl until I met my friend Mabbas who is a great DJ, one of the biggest promoters in Turkey and has the most amazing music taste. He has this “electronic music for loners” blog, which messed up a lot of people. A lot of the techno producers I listen to now, he’s the one who first played them to me. 

What's your favourite track of 2014 so far?

I am in love with Gidge’s I Fell In Love. It’s such a dark and emotional, track; beautifully produced with intricate details…Anything on Christian Löffler’s Young Alaska would be a runner up. 

Tell us a little bit about the mix you've created;

I don’t mind technically imperfect. I care much more about the feeling, the energy and the mood of a track, a mix, a remix, a DJ set…I just wanted to put together something dark. These are some of the tracks I have been listening to a lot recently. 

What's the mood you're aiming to create?

Dark, melancholic, a bit intense, a bit sad…

Have you got a favourite track in the mix?

Gidge- In Love. DJ Koze’s remix of Bad Kingdom is one of the best remixes of the year too and Kerberos is a big tune.

How was the mix recorded?

I use Ableton for my mixes and productions. Before I started using any software, a friend said Ableton was the easiest to use. Felt like switching to Logic at one point but decided not to after I read Christian Löffler and Four Tet uses it.


When and where should we listen to the mix?

Home alone, at night, with a drink in hand. 

Love the artwork for the mix. Who did it and why did you choose it?

My good friend Ayliz Ozturk is an amazing artist. She specializes in zentangle and has incredible illustrations. She also has great music taste. When we were backstage at the Moderat gig in Istanbul this summer, they were very taken with her reinterpretation of their album artwork, they asked if they could take back some of her originals home. She had drawn the John Talabot artwork for my remix before which is beautiful and now she has come up with these two gorgeous drawings after listening to my mix. 

Anything you'd like to add?

I am hoping to release my first EP ‘Crossed Wires’ in December on Injazero Records. Also, you’re the first blog who picked me up so you are entitled to my entire rider for my next gig.

Find out more about Villette through her Facebook and Soundcloud.

Artwork by the excellent Ayliz Ozturk