Shine A Light On… Joe Europe’s Xmas Hamper


This week's Shine A Light On Mix comes from R$N regular contributor and part time lover, our kid Joe Europe. 

Joe is celebrating the release of this beauty on Bokhari Records which is available in all good record stores now (and probably some crap ones too). 

Along with the mix, Joe has contributed a handy A-Z to guide you through his sounds – you can read along whilst you listen;

Alright then here's my mix

Bokhari records – check em

Come on you slags

Dodgy mixing (on purpose obvs)

European vibes 100% guaranteed

Feel free to have a boogie 

Grooves and gravy

Hey kids!

I promise to do better next time

Jammin in my spare room


Love to all of you

Model 500

Not a test – this is FOR REAL!

Original gangsta (I am not) 

Pumpers all the way

Quelle surprise! 

Rough around the edges


Telephones. Quality.

U wot?

Vinyl only (couldn't be bothered to set up Traktor)

What were you expecting?



Zzzzzzzzzzzz (bed time now)

Grab your copy of Joe Europe's 'Out Of The Park' here.