R$N Presents: The Noonday Underground Mix With Zakia


The Noonday Underground is a brand new project founded by General Public. Over the coming months Ransom Note is delighted to be able to bring you a series of exclusive mixes recorded from the Thursday afternoon parties which take place at Grow in Hackney. The concept is simple…

"Every Thursday at Grow, Hackney we celebrate music, art, conversation and community and this week Grow is teaming up with General Public, Ransom Note, and The Gaia Gallery to bring you The Noonday Underground.

The Noonday Underground is an early evening music and community social where DJ's play for 1 hour (ish) slots. The session will be recorded and released throughout the month on a weekly basis on Ransom Note."

Next up is Zakia…

First record you bought?

-The retrospective romantic in me wants to say Alice Coltrane’s 'Journey in Satchidananda’. Realistically, it a was crappy £1 disco 12” from a charity
shop. Though Alice was definitely one of the first… (10…).

What are you listening to at the moment?

As ever, an endless stream of jazz (…ba dee boo bup ba da…) plus recently lots of new agey, ethereal, ambient stuff. I’m making my way through the
Black Sweat and Die Schachtel back catalogues atm and am particularly enjoying the likes of JD Emmanuel, Lino Capra Vaccina and Futuro Antico…

Death row meal?

Chicken roti w/ plenty pepper, pholourie and tamarind sauce (a doughy Trinidadian delicacy!), and a can of fizzy Rubicon Guanabana from Roti Hut in Shepherds Bush. A timeless meal from my childhood! Roti hut has since closed down and I’m still on the look out for a new roti joint :(. Suggestions welcome!

Back to yours, who's coming dead or alive?

Billy, the grandfather I never met— he had a heart attack whilst meditating at a yoga retreat and I’d like know whether it was because he reached
enlightenment, or just because he smoked too many fags; John, Alice and Pharaoh; the Oracle of Delphi; Russell Grant; Mystic Meg, and Mickey the
mechanic, my ever-optimistic next door neighbour, who’ll be certain to keep us grounded.

Best fact?

"The Universe will meet you half way if you follow your heart and pursue your dreams in truth". And your 16-25 Railcard gets you 1/3rd off your Oyster fare! Preach it!

Where can we find you? 

‘Pon the NTS website for now.

Whats next for Zakia?

I'm playing here next Wednesday and next Thursday I'll be playing all night at Spiritland with my better half. Other than that… a life of laughter, joy and abundance, I hope! Will let you know once Mystic Meg’s been over.

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