R$N Presents: The Noonday Underground Mix With Space Afrika


The Noonday Underground is a brand new project founded by General Public. Over the coming months Ransom Note is delighted to be able to bring you a series of exclusive mixes recorded from the Thursday afternoon parties which take place at Grow in Hackney. The concept is simple…

"Every Thursday at Grow@Grow, Hackney we celebrate music, art, conversation and community and this week Grow is teaming up with General Public, Ransom Note, and The Gaia Gallery to bring you The Noonday Underground. 

The Noonday Underground is an early evening music and community social where DJ's play for 1 hour (ish) slots. The session will be recorded and released throughout the month on a weekly basis on Ransom Note." 

Next up is Space Afrika…

What influence(s) contribute to Space Afrika sound?

Architecture and travel. Photography is a central role to the production also. It is used as a reference point when in the studio to form an idea upon which we base are sounds around.

How would you summarise your sound?

Textural soundscape driven dub infused techno, override of field recordings. Feeling.

If you were stuck on a desert island which one record would you take with?

Inyang:2001, dc10 Deep chord; Untitled/Grandbend. Nothing else really matters

Reidy: CV313- infinity 1 Stl

If you could have any synth what would it be?

Waldorf wave, 1993. Waldorf, Nord, Critter&Guitari , We love ya'll #Send us free gifts please thanks.

Dream Rider?

Cheeseboard, Moscata Frizzante accompanied by various meats, olives, cocktail sticks. Voila #Bakerie

What's next for space Afrika?

More shows, and radio . Live Hardware sets is the current focus . New cold and submersive music on the way. In a Freeze-Thaw situation at the moment. Winter time tells the story. It's a habitual pattern of ours. Look out for our next NTS show & hit us up @Eastern Bloc: Instore Session, 20th August.

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