R$N Presents: The Noonday Underground Mix With Glowing Palms


General Public & Ransom Note bring you the Noonday Underground.

A term coined to capture the bizarre energy of Sunday, day Northern Soul dancers in the late 70's, now a monthly live mix series come Sunday social.

We champion acts that bubble away just bellow the surface giving opportunity to the lesser known Dj's as well as giving praise to the more established artists on the underground dance music scene.

Each selector has an hour (ish) slot to record. That mix is then released for your listening pleasure on a weekly basis for the following month on the Ransom Note website.

Next up is Glowing Palms…

First record you bought?

First actual vinyl record I bought was Energy 52 Cafe Del Mar. A few years ago I'd probs be feelin a bit shy about this but there's a lil Trance revival goin on at the min so feelin pretty happy to be on trend.

What record never leaves your bag?

Gotta be Duane Thamm Jr. – Jump Trax. It's like 50% Chicago house, 50% Italo disco and it speeds up from 110BPM to 122BPM so it comes in handy to switch up the vibe. It's an absolute gem and also the most expensive record I own so I don't let it out of my sight.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Dablju's Fascination – Highway To Heaven. Most of the album is pretty substandard but this cut is this weirdo space reggae tune made by some
crazy Germans with absolute confidence.

Favourite venue?

The White Hotel in Manchester is flipping awesome – just feel a bit sorry for the bar staff as they work in this sort of hole in the floor and if you want a drink you crouch on your knees and they reach up and give you your drink I guess it's hard to picture if you've not been there.

Dream rider?

High grade sushi and some ice cold Asahi. You're making me hungry now mate and all i have in the cupboard is baked beans 🙁

A time machine, one record, one place… where and when?

Danielle Baldelli at the Cosmic Club in the early 80s hearing some afro cosmic music i've never heard before.

Death row meal?

Chicken Jalfrezi

Best fact?

The Great Sphinx of Giza is over 10,000 years old.

Back to yours, who's coming dead or alive?

Hampus Time, Ruf Dug, Jon K, Eclair Fifi and Bell Towers on the decks and all my mates in the mood to party – baby sitters sorted & no excuses.

Where can we find you? (link to your music)


What's next for Glowing Palms ?

Exciting times – new record Kiki/Asteroidz drops on Blip Discs. We made a computer game for it which is super awesome. If you get the highest score you win a bunch of shit. Points mean prizes ! Also made a remix for Smagghe and Cross which is cool. 

Ruf Dug's running a stage at Gottwood again this year so that'll be fun/ carnage. We've also been entrusted with our own boat party at Love Int.


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