R$N Presents: The Noonday Underground Mix With Anu


The Noonday Underground is a brand new project founded by General Public. Over the coming months Ransom Note is delighted to be able to bring you a series of exclusive mixes recorded from the Thursday afternoon parties which take place at Grow in Hackney. The concept is simple…

"Every Thursday at Grow, Hackney we celebrate music, art, conversation and community and this week Grow is teaming up with General Public, Ransom Note, and The Gaia Gallery to bring you The Noonday Underground.

The Noonday Underground is an early evening music and community social where DJ's play for 1 hour (ish) slots. The session will be recorded and released throughout the month on a weekly basis on Ransom Note."

Next up is Anu…

First record you bought?

I think it might have been Escape (The Pina Colada Song) – Rupert Holmes. My sister and I would always sing it and then we found it in a charity shop.

What record never leaves your bag?

Stronger Than Pride – Sade. Paradise is one of my favourite tracks. 

What are you listening to at the moment?

Larry Heard, bb.yu, Raime, Frank Ocean

Favourite venue?

Rye Wax because it feels like home. It's perfect for sitting and eating tacos or getting really sweaty and dancing against the walls. Plastic People will always be a favourite – it was one of the first places I went to on a weekly basis. And Corsica Studios for having huge line ups and being big in size but it's a comfortable space that never feels to overwhelming.

Dream rider?

Puppies, pizza, Pringles, blankets, lego, rainbow drops, gin, mango Rubicon, Arthur. Samosas from Hounslow (v important). 

A time machine, one record, one place… where and when?

For You – Tatsuro Yamashita. 1982 in Tokyo.

Death row meal?

Mutter Paneer, rice and 25 puris.

Back to yours, who's coming dead or alive?

Larry, Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer.

Best fact?

A ufo that looks like a butt is called a buttfo. 

Where can we find you?


Whats next for Anu?

I'm going to wait for Supermarket Sweep to come back and then I'm going to apply to be a contestant. In the meantime I'll probably do some illustrations and play at a few parties.

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