Rituel – THE RANSOM NOTE Ears Exclusive Mix


We were massive fans of the The Micronauts way back when. Criminally underrated in our ears. 
Christophe Monier of The Micronauts and Thomas Regnault (aka Dew Town Mayor) are now Rituel and they've dropped us an exclusive mix! 

A house alliance between Monier and Thomas Regnault (aka Dew Town Mayor the project grew out of the Crmonie and Rituel parties in Paris. Transcending genres and eras, the parties helped uneart deep house (yes the real shit) and garage classics from the 90s.
Their first EP, Un, released last year on Micronautics pricked up quite a few ears.

Treat your ears to this ace new mix by the duo, exclusive to R$N! Interview soon come. 


There's a free download of the extended instrumental of Club Zanzibar available here:



Find out more about Rituel here