Antal (Rush Hour) From Disco Volante – RANSOM NOTE LIVE #002


No. 2 in our Live recordings series on R$N comes from the Rush Hour founder Antal.

For R$N, Rush Hour has been a benchmark store, label and distribution network for quite some time now. Running this community with a close group of friends, the label has re-issued some incredible long-forgotten classics and on point new releases whilst the shop stocks records bought on crate digging trips around the world… but you already knew that.

A hugely versatile DJ in his own right Antal can weave together house and techno or Afro and disco just as ably.  DJing all over the world since the nineties he digs deep into many musical forms away from the dance.

Check live record from Disco Volante. 2 hours of greatness.

Antal plays ReviveHer this weekend at Mother Studios alongside Xosar & San Proper. Full details here.