The elusive Man Power drops the latest Influences mixtape for R$N ahead of his appearance at Electric Elephant 2014 this summer… remember the summer? There was a glimmer of hope about it earlier in the month.

"Influences are a hard thing to point your finger at.

When I was asked to record an “Influence Mix” I first recorded a mix of less well known music that I felt might have influenced the sound of the music that I make, but I decided to delete it because I realised I was being untruthful, and that my original influences all came from before the music I had chosen.
Instead I’ve recorded this, which contains only music I listened to when I was growing up and forming my musical tastes. Everything on this mix, with the exception of one song which represents a different kind of influence, is either by an artist or from a film, or in some cases from both, that I loved when I first started opening my ears to music properly.
The music on this mix isn’t rare, or even cleverly selected, but it’s an entirely honest account of some of the sounds and artists that first struck a chord with me , whether I heard them in my fathers car, on the radio, or in a film as a child, a teen, or a young man.
I’m not posting a track list (because I don’t think anyone will need one) and I’d really like it if people would put aside an hour to listen without skipping through first, but I appreciate that can be difficult for most people these days."
– Man Power


Catch Man Power at Electric Elephant in Croatia by grabbing tickets here.