Ralf Kollman’s 8 Years of Mobilee Ears Exclusive Mix + 8 year highlights

mobilee is 8 this year. Label co-founder Ralf Kolmann stopped by to drop us an Ears Exclusive mix last week of all things mobilee mix throughout the years…
This week he picks us 8 higlights from the 8 years… perhaps we can persuade him to give us one of the USB sticks to give away if we ask nicely?! 

1. Holding the first ever mobilee vinyl pressing in my hands – Sebo K "Too Hot"

2. Our first ever showcase and appearance in Barcelona for Sonar in 2006 – a melting pot.

3. Destroying two full glass bottles of juice on a car ride home with the mobilee crew by using those as instruments and beatmaker

4. The first cd-compilation – start of the mobilee back to back series – Vol. 1 by Anja Schneider 

5. all rooftop events at the stunning Hotel Diagonal, Barcelona

6. mobilee bringing me to Siberia, South Africa, Domenican Republic, Mexico, Hong Kong, North America and all over Europe

7. mobilee producing a new format – DVD / 60 minutes / Pan-Pot " The Documentary" / our first cinematic experience!

8. mobilee 100 just arrived in the office yesterday – 100 limited USB sticks in a silver box – numbered from 001-100

For now, feast your ears on the below.  Ralf celebrates 8 years with the rest of the mobilee family next week in London. Full details here.