Posthuman: The Ransom Note Mix


Posthuman are amongst the finest purveyors of acid Blighty has to offer. Whether it's running the I <3 Acid parties, or banging out squelchy monsters on their own Balkan Records, cousins Richard Bevan and Joshua Doherty have been powering out techno that nods to the past whilst forging towards the future for some 15 years now. The mix they've dropped for us today is a full bodied hour of acid and techno, mixed to perfection and packed with more peaks than the Himalayas. It comes on the back of their latest It's A House Thing 12", which, if you've any sense, you'll preview in our premiere over here, then rush over to the Balkan Records Bandcamp and buy right now… 


Maquis Hawkes – Teetotal Acid

Tin Man – Falling Acid

Posthuman – Inside You

Anaxander – My People

Posthuman – Damascus

Luca Lozano – Crucuficks

Posthuman – Try Again

Spatial Awareness – Caramel Sound

Dusky – Parakeet Feet (Jerome Hill Remix)

Bintus – Warwick Castle Meltdown

Cardopusher – Mouthwash Acid

Posthuman – Feel The Heat

Posthuman – Turn My Tape Up

Klankman – Spookhuis

Boys Noize – The Fix