Move D & Dolan Bergin: The Ransom Note Mix


Move D & Dolan Bergin have a special bond. In between busy schedules the pair have become close friends.

There is little left to be said about David Moufang which has not already been spoken, his continued importance to club music makes him one of the definitive figures within the genre. Across decades he has released some of the most influential records in dance, his commitment to current trends and the ongoing discovery of new music is admirable. This is what to this day makes his DJ sets so profound and exciting.

Dolan Bergin is the man behind Electric Minds, the much loved club night and label which has travelled the world. Based out of London the label is about to celebrate it's tenth anniversary, however we have now been informed that this will be the closing act for Electric Minds. Across the label's existence they have released music by the likes of Endian, Jay Shepeard, Fold and Move D himself. It's closure will be missed. 

This edition of the Ransom Note mix is taken from a party earlier this year at Robert Johnson in Germany. It sees label boss Dolan Bergin go back to back with Move D across six hours. Strap in. Listen below: 

First 2 hours = Dolan
second 2 hours = Move D
last two hours = Move D & Dolan

Electric Minds are in Paris at Concrete this evening and their last party will take place on NYE at Corsica Studios.

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