anton esteban – the ransom note mix

Anton Esteban could become a new underground hero of ours. He seems pretty busy, what with DJing and making records as Ghost Note on Golf Channel as well as being a filmmaker. This is one of those mixes where I havent got a clue what any of the records are but its all the better for it. We asked Anton what it was all about and heres his reply

This music was what originally inspired me to make Ghost Note II. I went to the Philippines last year and took a trip around my country with an old friend and it deeply affected me. The original title of the mix, which eventually became the title of the A side of Ghost Note II, is Kapwa. Translated from Tagalog, it means seeing yourself in the other.

I thought it would be interesting to make a mix and then a song about the dual nature of man. The mix and the song both have a dark and bright side. The word caught my attention when an artist named Kidlat Tahimik (translated Quiet Thunder) explained the significance of the word to me. Kapwa is the original fundamental value of pre-Hispanic Filipinos. A sense of community spirit through a kind of communal bond through empathy and love.

I reflected a lot on that word for the last year and realized that in order to see yourself in the other you have to understand mans dual nature. It is only when you accept the destructive and constructive tendencies within us can you move forward with any kind of communion with yourself, your maker, nature, and your fellow human being. Hence the Resurrection title.

The record and mix mean a lot to me in terms of trying to communicate that idea through music. Im not sure if I quite succeeded but I sure had fun making it!

Its nice to see a bit of thought and get an understanding why people are doing what they do. I once read an interview with Brian Eno where he said the longest part of making a record for him was the thinking before he actually turned the machines on. Anyway, heres the mix. Anton digging deep.

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