Max Graef: The Ransom Note Mix


The sculpture of sound is an innovative and individual process by which no two musicians can truly align. Max Graef stems from a background in hip hop, jazz, funk and soul. House plays less of a role in his day to day existence than his releases to date might perhaps indicate. Someone once said that all music, was to a degree a form of jazz. Whether there is much truth in this is debatable, but Max Graef has succintly managed to integrate influential elements from an array of genres within his multi-faceted sound. 

This summer Max Graef will play at Farmfest in Somerset, a festival which has made a name through its tasteful curation and musical eclecticism. In honour of his appearance we were able to reach out to him to contribute to our exclusive Ransom Note mix series for what is a special assortment of sound in motion. 

Listen and download below: 

Follow Max Graef on Facebook HERE. More information on Farmfest can be found HERE

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