Matt Emery: The ‘Monday Is Okay’ Mix


Matt is a British composer who has emerged with a flourish over the last few years, describing his music as "Classical Dream Pop" he has been critically praised for his musical integrity and output which has most recently seen him release an album on Injazero. The label has acted as a safe haven for those which dabble between the abstract, the experimental, electronic and classical music – it makes a perfect fit for the singular and wide ranging approach Matt Emery has applied to his musical expression. There is an element of intrigue as to what might come next for the up and coming musician but we feel excited by the prospect of a new avenue…

As a result we invited him to contribute to our Monday mix series, an ambient focussed affair. He picks music by the likes of Throwing Snow, Jon Hopkins, Max Cooper and even delivers an exclusive rendition of one of his own tracks. 

Listen and download below with full tracklist:

Jon Hopkins – Feel First Life
Thom Robson – From Fragments (3:06)
Bersarin Quartett – Alles ist ein Wunder (5:42)
Adam Betts – Drumbones (8:14)
Max Cooper – Identity (12:15)
Patient Hands – At Parting (16:31)
Ben Laver – Closer (19:40)
Dmitry Evgrafov – A Chance To Change (22:47)
Neil Cowley Trio – Governance (27:27)
GoGo Penguin – One Percent (30:20)
Michael Price – Shade Of Dreams (35:50)
Matt Emery – L For Luna (Choir Version) *The Ransom Note Exclusive* (38:32)
Throwing Snow – Tantrum (42:20)
Danny Mulhern – Arrival (47:58)
Sons of Noel and Adrian – Black side Of The River(50:06)
James Heather – The Conscience Loop (54:54)
Natalie Evans – Postscript: Yrs (56:44)

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