Matisa: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix


Colour is the name of the game. We all need a little bit of colour, flair and originality in our lives. Matisa has it in abundance, a fine role model with impeccable taste in music and beautiful selection. The Italian disc jockey has helped to refocus the stereotypes sometimes associated with Italian dance music as she digs incredibly deep for far reaching selections across a wide spectrum of genres. With a penchant for vinyl she has quickly become one of our favourite selectors and we predict big things for this girl in the coming year following recent features on the likes of Red Light Radio in Amsterdam and a wide array of club dates. 

She digs deep as she contributes to our mix series which showcases some of the most interesting new faces from across the spectrum of electronic music as she delivers a special all vinyl mix. 

Listen below and enter the world of Matisa…

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