Line Out #8: Live @ Some Song Teacher (Pt 1)


Something a bit different for a Friday and a first in our Line Out series, in that we're presenting a whole (half) evening's worth of an event. 

For this episode we're over in Japan at Some Song Teachers in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo from earlier in the year where Reviveher went head to head for a marathon night-into-morning-into-midday stretch.

This is "dancing behind closed doors only"

The first of 2 parts Bi Bop from Reviveher explains the evening. 

"The first two mixes are by the brothers who run the Some Song Teachers monthly party with 5ive from COSMES. First mix is Drunken Stein then Albert Kohein.

This all kicks off at 11pm.

Then I play. Since it was my birthday, already a bit gone at this point and my mix is mainly my favourite old house records I brought over to Japan, there’s some new ish bits in there from that time and promos and one forthcoming track on the Reviveher label.

Then Chida follows and smashes it. Must have been around 3am then."

Check it out in full here…

Part 2 to follow… 

Next Reviveher takes place at Bussey Building this weekend with Legowelt, Kenji Takimi, Gonno (who's set you can hear above), WIllie Burns and ESA's Debut Analogue Live show.

Full details and tickets here