Kilchhofer: The Wednesday Alternative Mix


Marionette amassed interest straight from the off. The record label, which was founded in 2013, hasn't conformed to traditional aesthetics or functionality of sound. Each release has been eclectic, forward thinking and conceptual in both style and formation. To date the label has released music by Deer, Laurine Frost, Maxim Wolzyn and most recently by Kilchhofer. The latter of which is the next to contribute to our slightly more abstract Wednesday mix series. 

There is little back story or information surrounding the man. His website features a minimalist assortment of drawings, sounds and obscurities. His contribution to our mix series sees him arrange a series of mystical soundscapes, stuttering percussion and disorientated earthly audio from beyond expectations.

Listen and download below: 

Visit Kilchhofer's site HERE. Visit the Marionette bandcamp HERE

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