Justin Van Der Volgen: The Ransom Note Mix


Next up in our mix series we welcome a figure to the fold who should have perhaps graced our series a long time ago. Justin Van Der Volgen has been a consistent presence amidst electronic music for many years. A New York based producer, frequent traveller and a dancefloor dynamo. His productions have appeared broadly across an array of labels which include the likes of Golf Channel, Keep It Cheap, Boogiefuturo and of course on his own My Rules Records. A lot of his recent time has been spent investing in the development of the label which has found a steady run of form releasing music by the likes of Todd Terje, Shit Robot, Felix Dickinson and more. 

Somehow amidst all this he manages to travel relentlessly playing regularly across the globe with recent appearances at the likes of Berghain, Razzmatazz and Lux Fragil. 

We invited him to contribute and what he has delivered is as fun as you like. Friday funk for fun. 

Listen below: 

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