Medlar Playlist + Exclusive Hardlife Mix


An outstanding DJ, with a slew of quality productions under his belt – Medlar represents a stellar booking from the Hardlife crew. Medlar's style is the perfect mix between modern disco and bass references against a backdrop of house stylings which straddle most of the classic eras – from Detroit techno to bumpin garage to straight-up acid.  We caught up with the man himself to find out which tracks helped shaped the many faces of Medlar, plus Rob Mathie of the Hardlife camp also drops an exclusive mix to boot, and it's a beauty! Check it at the bottom

Hot off the press – brand new from Medlar

Disclosure – Boiling (Medlar Remix)

My remix for Disclosure came out on Greco Roman this week and it’s been exciting seeing that surface, I tried to keep the mix faithful to the ideas of the original but add some heads-y old school house/garage appeal in the vein of US/UK garage in the mid-to-late 90s.

Floorfiller – Classic Selection

Roy Davis Jr Ft Peven Everett – Gabriel

I’m a firm believer in secret weapons being not-so-secret weapons that people have either forgotten or deemed unworthy of playing peaktime in a club. Find a dope tune that fits that criteria and you’re onto a winner! Lots of 80s boogie comes to mind, though this one’s deceivingly heavy on a good system and allows a smug singalong for those who know the words.

A Family Affair – Joining the Wolf Music pack

KRL – Remember Donny (Greymatter Remix) 

I played this in my set in the Wolf Music room for Tief at Corsica Studios earlier in the year as I feel it holds some significance. It was on the first ever Wolf Music 12” that Matt and Stu pressed, so it was a way of acknowledging the history and progress of the label, 2 very talented producers, and my gratitude for being part of it all and making friends in the process, just by playing a record at a party. Gotta love that!  Also hyped about my recently-completed solo EP due for release on Wolf Music I imagine this year, it’s generally a bit deeper/rawer/weirder than anything I’ve done before.

 Influences – Detroit Techno

69 – Ladies And Gentlemen

Arrgh.. it’s hard to choose a track as though there’s clearly a distinct ‘Detroit’ sound, there’s a very broad range of music that can be classed as Detroit techno/electro/house. I love the sonics and arrangements of a lot of music which falls under all three, and that’s definitely a big influence production-wise in terms of raw, driven sounds and choppy structures. I discovered this track really recently but love it.


 Influences – Garage

Grant Nelson – Track 101




I think I’ve played this more than any other record over the past year. I think it epitomizes the UK’s ultra functional, slightly ruder take on US garage. Nice ‘N’ Ripe has been a big influence since I discovered this 12” in a music exchange shop. I like how the UK has consistently created generally more immediate versions of US creations, turning it into something culturally relevant. e.g jungle and hardcore vs techno and hiphop

Medlar’s alter ego – Klick

Klic – Disco Music




Very proud of my collaboration with Greymatter, which came out on a Brownswood comp last year and is due for a release on wax with some new Klic material on Somethinksounds, and there’s a track forthcoming on Well Rounded which I’m pretty happy with too, though I guess it has to be this for being consistently surprised at reactions from playing it out.

One to watch – breakthrough producer

Felix Lenferink – First Bouree


Countless producers come to mind, but in terms of the music I play out, this tune’s done my neck some serious damage since I found it. That lead synth!! Thanks to Tom RAMP for giving me a copy of the 12”, hasn’t left the bag since.

Close to home – Medlar’s Hit and Home imprint

Sinistarr – Cetra

Hit and Hope is a 50/50 effort from my friend Rob Dove and I, and we both have to feel strongly enough about a release to justify pressing it, so we have a lot of love for everything so far. The track that’s grown and grown on me though is Cetra from the Sinistarr EP we recently put out, I don’t think it could be any more Detroit, love it.

 Listen to Rob Mathie's superb mix exclusive here: