Endless Summer ransom note Mixtape


Minotaur Shock – Rockpoolin

Super Furry Animals – Smokin

Pavement – Summer Baby (7 Version)

Ultra Vivid Scene – Staring At The Sun

Ducktails – Beach Point Pleasant

Future Loop Foundation – The Sea and the Sky (Ashley Beedles Earth Mix)

National Trust – Brownsea Island Waves Lapping

Nathan Fake – Sky Was Pink

Delorean – Endless Sunset

Campag Velocet – Sunset Strip Eclipse

Verve – Man Called Sun

Plone – Summer Plays Out

Sorry Ive not been around for ages. The heat seems to have sapped me of all of my creative juices. There are the remnants of at least seven abandoned blog posts on my hard drive – perhaps Ill resurrect them one day when it cools down a bit and I can think of something interesting to say Anyway, until then I thought a summer this consistently hot (if you live dans le capital like I do) deserved a themed mixtape in its honour so here ygo. Pretty self-explanatory, really. But Ill indulge you witha few words. Its the least you deserve. All three of you.

Rather prosaically there are songs with summer or sun or sunsetin the title – a pair of indie rock classics from Pavement and Ultra Vivid Scene, plus a newie from Balearic synth-poppers Delorean; but also songs that sound perfect on a sunny day, like Smokin by the Super Furries – light upa big ol blooty and kick back to that one (it also contains one ofmy favouriteGruffisms: Gonna manage my time, just like Johann Cruyff – yeah, Gruff, whatever you say mate). Theresa song abouta quintessential summery English childhood pursuit – Minotaur Shocks sublime Rockpoolin, which immediately transports me to Kennack Sands in Cornwall, standing on barnacle-covered rocks looking for anemones. Awesome bassline too. And a flute! If you want to make a song sound summery, slap a flute on it (see also the aforementioned Smokin). Theres Ashley Beedles euphoric reworking of The Sea and the Sky by Future Loop Foundation,Jarvis Cockers field recording of the waves on Brownsea Island, where I used to go as a Cub Scout (all I remember is the giant ants and peacocks), Campag Velocet on the Cafe Del Mar chill-out tip, Verve before they were shit with a slice of blissed-out prog-wonder(its about a drug dealer not the sun, but it fits the bill) and the incredible Plone with the soundtrack to those final, bittersweet days of the summer holidays. Andnotforgetting Ducktails (the mans a freakin genius, one of my half-written posts is on him) with the shimmery underwater surf guitar plucking of Beach Point Pleasant. Oh and, slightly tenuously (but I love it), is Nathan Fakes Sky Was Pink. There have been quite a few, lush pinky sunsets round my way recently so thats why its on here.

Anyway, if I blether on too much this one will be in danger of expiring on my hard drive too. So, yep. Hope posting this doesnt lead to a sudden bout of shitty weather Enjoy!

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Joe Clay

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