East Man: The Ransom Note Mix


Anthony Hart doesn’t f*ck about, for many years he has worked tirelessly producing music under various namesakes, perhaps most prominently as Basic Rhythm where he released music on the likes of Sneaker Social Club, Arcola and Planet Mu.

It is Planet Mu with whom he holds a close relationship, the record label has been pivotal in the development of British electronic music, meandering between the origins of rave and soundsystem culture through to the present modernisms of grime, footwork and beyond. 

East Man is a relatively new moniker for Anthony, he began to release music under the guise in 2018, using the new alias to collaborate with MC’s and work amidst London’s ever growing grime scene – all the while drawing upon influences from dancehall, jungle and techno. 

He is politically outspoken and deeply rooted in the communities which help breathe life and inspiration into this musical scene. He knows about the importance and value in speaking the truth and his music lends itself to storytelling and the opportunity to challenge societal pressures and norms. 

This year he released a new album on Planet Mu, “Prole Art Threat”, a record which perhaps represents his sound and voice best. We invited Anthony to record a tape for us, listen below:

01 East Man – Hi Tek Music
02 East Man & Walton – Screw Face
03 East Man – War Horse Dubplate
04 East Man – Step Up
05 East Man & Whack Eye – Wow How?
06 East Man – Fit For Work
07 East Man – Selector
08 Fonzo & Riko Dan – Bushmaster (East Man Dubplate)
09 East Man – East Man Theme (Reprise)
10 East Man & NyNy – Who Am I?
11 East Man & Streema – Know Like Dat
12 East Man – Scuffle
13 East Man – Hi Tek Theme
14 East Man – Jaws
15 Grandmixxer- Free Gaza (East Man’s Tin Pan Drum Dubplate)
16 East Man – Yush!
17 East Man & Fernando Kep – Ouroboros
18 JEB1 – Guyana (East Man Remix)
19 East Man & Lyrical Strally – Ten Ton Riddim
20 East Man – Fight For A Cause
21 East Man & Mic Ty – Everybody Knows
22 East Man – Click Clack (Remix)
23 East Man & Eklipse – Ease Up

Buy the new album HERE