Dr Alex Paterson (The Orb): The ‘Monday Is OK’ Mix


The Orb founder Dr Alex Paterson has been an extremely busy man of late. Having helmed the prolific ambient house collective for over three decades, he’s now adding several new ventures to his evergrowing arsenal.

Among these are a fresh new label, Orbscure Recordings, which will be a platform for Alex’s output under his various guises. Launched under Robin Collins’ Cooking Vinyl imprint, the label will also be an opportunity for Alex to show off his A&R skills, an area he cut his teeth in for EG Records. First up is a collaborative release from himself and fellow Orb member Andy Falconer under the name Sedibus, which was predominantly masterminded remotely and marks the pairs first work together in almost 30 years.

On top of the new label and the fresh collaboration, Alex has also announced the release of ‘Babble on an’ Ting: Alex Paterson’s Incredible Journey Beyond the Ultraworld with The Orb’, a book written by close friend and journalist Kris Needs that documents his life from childhood through to The Orb’s activities and his brand spanking new label.

It’s a wonder he managed to find the time to steer the ship for this week’s Monday Is OK mix. It is literally what the doctor ordered—he also prepped the Hors d’oeuvres, set the table and paired it with an interview about various bits and bobs—so get yourself comfortable and let Alex helm the boat safely out of Plymouth…

Please introduce yourself… Who are you, where are you, what are you?

My name is Dr. Alex Paterson, I’m at the WNBC headquarters in Snorewood. I’m a bionic human. 

Tell us about the Monday mixtape you’ve put together for us. 

It starts with celestial navigation and finishes with leaving Plymouth. In between is a place free from time and space.

If it were to be drawn what would it look like? 

A Picasso upside down.

If it were a food what would it be? 

Rhubarb pizza.

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

Your stereo really loud with heavy bass.

What should we be wearing?

Whatever floats your boat.

Where was it recorded?

WNBC headquartered & drawn with love.

Are you on the same wavelength as the boomtown rats or do you actually like Mondays?

Fuck the boom town fucker up rats // I rather like a blue Monday myself.

Who got you hooked on electronic music?


Who would you say are your biggest influences and what are you hoping to achieve with your music?

Eno brothers & I have set out to set the world straight about the origins of ambient house . Job done .

What were your original aspirations as musicians and how do you think you’re shaping up?

30 years & counting, u tell? 

What was the first electronic record you heard and how did it make you feel?

Autobahn by Kraftwerk, it made me sit on the stairs and my mouth dropped open in total awe of what I was hearing…

How does your brain work when making music? How does it work when you aren’t?


What were the first and last records you bought?

Ride a white swan by t Rex.

Best of RALPH. v/a 

What are you obsessed with at the moment?

Staying alive

If you could travel in time… where in time would you go? Why? 

To see my father. Why? He died when I was only three.

Some self-help questions for a Monday…

Am I excited to dive into the challenges that I have lined up for the week?

I think you need people to talk too

Am I looking forward to engaging with the people I am meeting or working with?

Engaging?? Wtf

Am I going to my dream job?

Well blow me, it’s stupid corner question time.

Am I being compensated fairly for the value I bring to my job?

21st century schnozzola

Do I feel energised, rested, and confident?

Still alive 

If you were trapped on a desert island with one other person, who would you choose? How long would it be before you eat them?

Veggie mate, get a check-up with the mental health practice asap.

Your doctor says you need more exercise….what do you take up for exercise?

I am a doctor.

What’s your answer to everything?

What ever

Anything else we need to discuss?

This mix was a present from the orb to The Ransom Note – an hour of eternal bliss and three unreleased tunes for your ears.

Live long & may your musical thoughts sail forever 

An orb in the hand is worth more up the bush. 

Dr Alex Paterson 20/05/21 snore wood heights.

Celestial Navigation – The New Obsolescents
Escapology – Duende India Collective
Berlin pad – David Harrow *
Toi 1338b – Sedibus
The librarian – DF Tram *
1/1 – Brian Eno
Tango – Trio Joubran *
AAA – The Orb (The Hoodie Wood mix)
The Last Lighthouse Keeper – Transit Kings
Für Betty – Simon Scott
Leaving Plymouth – Chocolate Hills

*unreleased tracks

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