Discodromo – The Cosmic Hole Ransom NOte Mix


Discodromo are an Italian duo named after a circular runway for ufo's. Alongside Berghain resident DJ Boris they are responsible for the Cocktail d'Amore parties in Berlin and have released music on labels including Internasjonal and Dissident. Their sets often seem them travel through hypnotising grooves and percussive flutters. They were unfortunately busy working in Thailand at present and couldn't answer any questions however, they managed to give us a little bit of context behind their recent mix for Ransom Note:

"It’s a mix reflecting the sound we propose when we play in our new dance floor at Cocktail d’Amore, The Cosmic Hole, where the focus is to play slow/mid tempo music only which challenges us and the guest djs to prepare specifically for fitting this characteristic. The genre changes, can be italo or slow techno, funk and disco or a psychedelic sound like in this mix. Some of the artists who already performed are: Gatto Fritto, Massimiliano Pagliara, Vladimir Irkovic, Ray Mang, Hugo Capablanca and Suzanne Kraft. “

Listen Below: 

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They play New Business in London at The Pickle Factory on November 28th, Details HERE.