Diet Clinic: The Ransom Note Mix


Often those who bubble slightly beneath the surface have the most interesting knowledge base, taste and style.

Diet Clinic is a one woman project and an alias under which Kristina McCormick operates with dedication and talent. Her regular NTS show has become a staple listen within the four walls of the Ransom Note office and her taste is remarkable and off centre.

Kristina is empowered and prolific, hard working and driven not only to her own success but to the success of women within electronic music across the board. This is perhaps best shown by the work she does in managing her own Weaponise Your Sound record label which has prominently featured an array of female artists including Lokier, Fantastic Twins, C.A.R, Sue Zuki and more. A compilation was released on International Women's Day earlier this year and we have been firmly promised that another awaits in the not too distant future. These are exciting times for a bubbling force within the wider electronic music community. 

We are delighted to feature Diet Clinic as she delivers the latest edition of the Ransom Note mix.  

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