Deep in my Bones – Miles Simpson Thunder – the ransom note exclusive MIX


One year ago, Thunder was born in the midst of a riot torn Kingsland Road – braving the burning cars, looting and toe rags roaming the streets that night, those that made it down were treated to the house music revival that took place… and they've never looked back since.

A highlight for R$N in their year reign was the trio's serotonin fuelled and indeed inducing set on our stage this year at FARR…

R$N's ears have already been treated to a Rick Hopkins Thunder workout… one year on the great Miles Simpson 'finally' managed to get round to sitting down – or standing up – and creating for us another vision of Thunder…


Thunder celebrate their 1st birthday at The Waiting Room on Friday 14th September – that's this Friday with Soundclash with Legendary Children…. get yerself down there.