Decka: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix


Decka is an upcoming producer based in Bristol who has been receiving support from trendsetters amongst musical circles as of late. His music has been supported widely by the  likes of Ben UFO, Hodge, Daniel Avery, A Made Up Sound and more. His sets lean heavily towards industrial percussion and techno and it is in this setting which he seeks to express himself as an artist. We asked him to record us a mix, a showcase of his represented sound. Listen and read the interview below:

I’ll let you introduce yourself…

I've never been good at introductions… Keeping it simple, my name is Jack, I'm from Bristol and I'm 22 years old. Been producing for about 5 years under various aliases but it's only in the last year or so that I've been making tracks under the name Decka.

How and where was the mix recorded?

It was recorded in my lounge, using a combination of technic 1210s and CDJ 2000s.

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

I would imagine quite late, maybe around 2am? And then in a dark, intimate club room – possibly The Island Prison Cells club in Bristol if I were to give an example.

If the mix were an animal, what would it be?

Hmmm… I would say an anaconda snake. Not sure why, it just seems appropriate. Or maybe a kangaroo during a boxing match?

Describe the mix with a GIF.

Right now, what’s your favourite track in the mix?

The opener: 'Canopée' – Nautil. Been playing this nearly everyday since I bought it, the whole record that is. I love the progressiveness and rawness to the track. Real simple but so diverse. You could play it at the beginning, middle or end of a set and it would provoke an emotive response each time.

What’s more important, the track you start on or the track you end on?

Equally as important as each other but making a big entrance I have thought is always a good move. Especially if you're coming on at peak time in a club.

What’s your favourite recorded mix of all time?

Very hard question… One mix I always end up coming back to is Boiler Room 47 with Ben UFO. I used to always put that on whenever I was walking to work or to college and there is one track in there I am still not able to identify 4 years later!

If money were no object, what piece of kit would you like to get your hands on?

Dave Smith tempest drum machine. These things are incredible and can effectively replace your whole set up. Always been fascinated by modular equipment but before delving into that I would want a tempest.

If you could go back to back with any DJ from history, in any club, who would it be?

My dad back in his DJing days… but apart from that, I would go b2b with Ben Sims. The guy is an absolute beast at DJing. Saw him do a reggae set last summer at Field Maneuvers festival as well as a normal one and my word, he's awesome. Tune selection on point and so, so quick at mixing. Another favourite would be DVS1 – managed to catch him for 4 / 5 hours during a visit to Berghain in the summer and completely lost awareness of time in there.

Who got you hooked on electronic music?

Peverelist, A Made Up Sound and Shed probably the main ones. All three have a huge back catalogue of tunes, all influential to so many different areas within electronic music. I play tracks by one of these three pretty much every time I DJ, and they are three artists I always revert back to listening to.

Which records have you been rinsing in 2015?

Bas Mooy – Other Kills Calls and Future (Mord)

Museum – Contraptions Part 1 (Radial Records)

Laksa – Draw For The…. / Baded / Touch Down (Mistry)

Ctrls – Users (Token)

Raw MT – La Duna (Mork)

What’s the best Bristol record of all time?

Any other exciting new Bristol producers we should be looking out for?

Yes a few. Trans AM, a duo that are set to release their debut EP on SPE:C in early 2016 – good mates of mine and their music is sick. Noire, a producer from the 4 Seasons collective I'm a part of, is making some real cool funky at the moment. And I know it's not a producer but watch out for the label Shall Not Fade – a newly taken off house label.

If we came to visit Bristol, where would you take us?

Cowshed for food, they do great steaks. Definitely Idle Hands, a record store in Stokes Croft. Out the back, there is a second part to the shop called Elevator Sound. They sell synthesizers, drum machines and that sort of thing, and have really made a name for themselves, I've bought many things from there. Stokes Croft in general is a good, vibrant place to drink so probably all around there.

You’re having a dinner party and you can invite any five guests from history, real or fictional.

He's not from history but is fictional… Peter Griffin would have to be there. I have a small interest in politics so would probably invite Winston Churchill. Ainsley Harriott would be cooking and I'd also invite Robin Williams, my favourite actor as I was growing up. To round off this weird mixture of company, I'd invite Elvis Presley down for a bit of a pick me up.

Double Decker or Black & Decker?

Would have to say a Double Decker. Not my favourite chocolate bar, but I can honestly say I haven't used any tools from Black & Decker…

Are you aware of either of your two children’s TV namesakes?

Honestly, no to both of them!

What’s your favourite Keanu Reeves film?

Point Break. Might have to watch it again soon, haven't seen it in a few years.

Who’s the most famous person in the world?

I've not a clue… The Queen possibly? Or maybe Morgan Freeman?

What’s your answer to everything?


Any other business?

Look out for a new record soon!

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