Chris Todd’s Best Of 2015 Mix – Part 1


The Ransom Note inbox is a busy place, the senses are attacked as soon as you enter, a bit like a Japanese Pachinko Parlour but with better music.

Our writer/scribe/professional Northerner Chris Todd decided to delve into the crazy world of that inbox in search of the best electronic tracks of 2015 so far and, instead of writing about them, he mixed them instead (with a couple of older tracks added in as they fitted juuuuuust right). He came out of the other side dazed, battered and confused, with a two hour mix, which we now present to you…

Here's the tracklist

Falke – Supernova
Etienne Jaumet – Stuck In The Shadow Of Your Love 
Mange_Moi – 100 Scrupules
Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Lovers Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya) 
Tronik Youth – The Past
The Revenge – Tender Is The Night (Harder Is The Day)
Tkuz – Calor de la noche
Pale Blue – Dusk In Parts
Eone – Retribute 
Jamie Paton – Keys For Your Keeper (Dub)
The Revenge – Just One Touch
Terranova – Labrador
Ruede Hagelstein – Plaything feat. Mentrix
Cole Medina – Tropical Funk (Admin Remix)
DJ Enne – Congolia
FM Attack – Disco Attack
Bootleg – Together
DJ Enne feat. Jens Poenitsch – Allein
Rennie Foster – Venture
John Tejada – Two O One
Laurent Garnier – ENCHANT UNER
Achilles & One – La Musica (Mighty Mouse Remix)
Neon – Mental Oppression
Dronelock – Deductive Reasoning
Ruede Hagelstein – Soul Dynamic

Hear more sounds from Chris via Mixcloud.