Bytes: A Flavour of the Label Mix


Launched in April 2019, Bytes is a Dorset and London based record label run in tandem to Ransom Note. It is an outlet for abstract electronics, music less focussed towards the club and more so towards home listening and moments of pensive thought. The label has been hugely successful and has amassed a reputation with its releases selling thick and fast. 

Since its launch the label has released music by the likes of Minotaur Shock, GLOK, Franz Kirmann, Herrmann Kristoffersen and jik. The music has been met with critical acclaim and widespread coverage following a series of sold out tapes and records.

Beyond the music the label has also been praised for its conceptual design and artwork, which comes courtesy of Graeme Swinton of Actually who also operates as a DJ and a producer as Palace Lido. He has recorded this mix, a showpiece for the label which features tracks taken from a collection of the Bytes back catalogue.

Label co-owner Joe Clay had this to say: 

“It’s been a super busy first year or so for Bytes. We’ve released seven albums, a couple of EPs and a T-shirt and worked with some amazing artists. Graeme’s mix is the perfect showcase for the label – it’s eclectic, but somehow it all hangs together. Big up Ransom Note Records for being the best big sister a kid could wish for. And thanks to everyone that has supported the label. This is just the beginning. Love Bytes x

Listen below:

1. Mangrove (Morning) – Franz Kirmann (BYTES08)
2. Prittskin – Minotaur Shock (BYTES01)
3. Pulsing (Maps Remix) – GLOK (BYTES06)
4. Dissident (Richard Sen Remix) – GLOK (BYTES06)
5. kumkwat – jik (BYTES07)
6. Orient Sole – Hermann Kristofferson (BYTES04)
7. Cloud Cover (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – GLOK (BYTES06)
8. Kolokol (Franz Kirmann M25 Remix) – GLOK (BYTES06)
9. Dissident (Leaf Edit) – GLOK (BYTES02)
10. Exit Through The Skylight – GLOK (BYTES02)
11. Weaver (Edit) – GLOK (BYTES02)
12. Mangrove (Morning Reprise) – Franz Kirmann (BYTES08)
13. Tan – Hermann Kristofferson (BYTES04)
14. Vista – Hermann Kristofferson (BYTES04)

The next release on Bytes is the GLOK remix LP (Dissident Remixed) on August 7th which will be available from HERE