Bianca Scout: The ‘Monday Is OK’ Mix


London-based artist Bianca Scout moved from her home of Newcastle to immerse herself in her work as a dancer and musician. As well as exploring the connection between the two mediums, her creative activity concerns itself with the imagination and unlocking your spiritual potential, realised through her fuzzy potion of experimental sound collage and wistful vocal snippets. 

She translates these creations through performance, her self-released output and on records for labels like Jungle Gym, Opal Tapes sub-label Beatrice & Annie and Infinito Audio Network. More recently she contributed a track to Blank Mind’s Comme de Loin compilation, alongside contemporaries like Lack, Big Hands and Clara de Asis, which explored everything from textural ambient and field recordings to spaced-out modular work and intricate instrumentation.

Noting that Monday’s ‘can have very different tones’, Bianca put together two mixes for us to pick from: ‘one for a blue sky’ and ‘one for a rainy day’. We are treated to the former which she delves into in more detail below… 

“Hi I’m Bianca Scout and today I have put together a mix for your Monday. If I would recommend a time for you to listen, I would do it while you are travelling somewhere. So you can have your seclusion, some thoughts to yourself. 

It’s Monday, and that’s the moon day so for me it’s a day of undead, pastoral memory. There could be a feeling of displacement and yearning, it could be blue skies, it could be rain.

In each emotional pool, I’ll leave only ripples, where hope rises from the decay.”

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