Bahnsteig 23: Flavour Of The Label Mix


Bahnsteig 23 has been releasing a series of cold-wave edits and synth electro over the last twelve months, surreptitious missives from Berlin, with artists such as Khidja, Jonny 5 and Lipelis. We managed to grab hold of the owner Ziggy Sternenstaub to dig deeper into these rekkids, and he got his commandant General Baha to shape us a mix:

Bahnsteig 23 is a fairly anonymous secretive affair, what is the concept behind the label? 

Many many many balearica, discoa, cosmica, even haus edits blaaaa.   B23 seeks cold wave, new wave, minimal wave, mum’s wave, kraut, film, eastern, ethno and leftfield groovers.

Last year you had a fairly steady stream of releases with artists like Lipelis and Khidja featuring, how have these releases come about?

Jonny 5 comrade ov years.  Collection iz like none other.  Book DJ for super life!   Edits sit years and so start das label for world unites with him. Finally achieved.  Other comrades appear.  Lipelis, Khidja etc met in dark corners ov clubs over the years to congregate under Bahnsteig.

Is it music which has found it’s way to you or has it been commissioned as such? 

Kindly Zambon ov Polish Cut Outs suggest Ze Sky Iz Blu.  Rest iz “commissioned”.   Nein wait, Aussie was different.  His iz the new block kid.   Sends Powerform and more trad *yawn* disco edits.  Said what nein wait hold, send 3 goodies and you are in corpz…3 months he blow my roof ovv in Mornington Coroboree.   He iz now General Baha!

What are you looking for in an edit from a personal perspective? 

Feet or mind move in a wobbly styings.  Fall over.  Get up.   Fall over.  Danz Danz Danz.  More, more, more edits are seeing 909 and additions to create half remix.  Sneaker DJ (Dunkeltier) pushes this and General Baha has taken overground.

What plans are there for the label this year? 

More Panzer style attackings but masterplan?  Ha.  Nein.  Nein stress.  Be happy.  Fight.  Fall over.  Repeat.

How would you describe the sound of the label? 

We march together.  

The artwork for the label follows a similar theme, where does the image of the ‘face’ stem from and what relationship does it have to the title “Bahnsteig 23”?

Graffiti artist Skeleton Cardboard create ‘face’ on streets.  Amazing.  Sleeves design are artist’s homelands creating international unity for troubled times.  No relationship B23.  Creates rebellion !!

Obviously due to the nature of releasing edits, have you encountered any issues with samples or permissions etc? 

Nein. Nein. Nein.  

Lastly, would there ever be any plans to take the label digital or will it remain vinyl only? 

Vinylzzzzzzzzzz forever.  Danz Danz Danz Panzer style! 

To find out more about Ziggy Sternenstaub look HERE. Follow Bahnsteig 23 on Soundcloud HERE.