Artefakt: The Ransom Note Mix


Earlier this year Artefakt released a new album via Delsin, a striking collection of pensive electronics and techno which was designed as much to humble the independent listener as it was to intrigue on the dancefloor.

The Berlin based pair have become well known and acclaimed for their unique take on techno, often channeling deep ethereal soundscapes and melody atop rugged drums and percussion.

Over the years they have released material via the likes of Sungate, Konstrukt and Semantica Records. It is however Delsin where they appear to have made themselves most at home, releasing material which sits between worlds and defies the notion that techno might need to be rigid 4/4 focussed club music. 

We’ve featuured the pair several times previously. However, this is the first time that they have recorded a mix for the website, a special occassion given the scarcity of these sets. 

Listen below:

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