Laurel Halo announces new album on Awe

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Laurel Halo © Norrel Blairl – Low Res

The new record features collaborations with the likes of saxophonist Bendik Giske, violinist James Underwood, cellist Lucy Railton and vocalist Coby Sey.

‘Atlas’ is the name of the new album from Laurel Halo – her first new album since 2018. Forthcoming on Awe, her own newly launched label, the record will be released on the 22nd of September later this year and is built upon a number of experiences afforded over many years living in different towns and cities.

Now based in Los Angeles, the album was first realised when Laurel Halo began to play the piano again, an instrument she hadn’t interacted with for some time. The result is ‘Atlas’ which features a collection of delicate ambient textures, abstract jazz, mixed tonalities and deep listening experiences across ten tracks.


The record is described as follows:

“Atlas is road trip music for the subconscious. With repeated listens, it is a record that can leave a deep sensorial impression on the listener, akin to walking at dusk in a dark forest. Its humor and sharp focus would dispel any notions of sentimentality. Completely distinct from the rest of Halo’s catalog, Atlas is an album that thrives in the quietest places, rejecting bombast and embracing awe.”

A track from the album is streaming now on Bandcamp HERE.