West Norwood Cassette Library Talks


West Norwood Cassette Library is one of the best names in House music, ahead of playing at Fill Yer Boots this Saturday we caught up with him for the briefest of chats taking in round shiny black discs, stealing the beatles and, of course, libraries…

On the subject of libraries, have you any overdue books?
Have you ever borrowed a record and not returned it?
Scarelige! OK, I did 'borrow' Beatles for Sale from an ex-girlfriend's mother a long, long time ago and I've always felt bad about. It's not even one of their good ones.
Ssshhh! You're a DJ and record label owner, do you enjoy peace and quiet?
I'm living my life in headphones.
What is the most important element of a successful track?
The beginning bit. I don't know if that's important or successful but it's my favourite bit.
Are you a kick drum, a hi-hat or a snare?
I'm a frustrated kick drum in hi-hat's clothing.
Can you tell us about the idea behind your 'Mixtape Trilogy' for Fill Yer Boots?
I'd just done a slightly harder, dubplate heavy mixtape for DJBroadcast in Holland and I didn't want to repeat myself for the FYB gang. I couldn't decide on what direction to take so I gave them 3 mini-mixes – something for the club, something for the cab ride home and an 'all back to mine' type of thing.
What is your recipe for the ultimate night out?
Chuck it all in and beat gently.
Do you have a secret weapon for resuscitating a dancefloor?
Sprung wooden boards or mouth to mouth usually works.
What can we expect from your set at Fill Yer Boots?
Round shiny black discs made from vinyl or acetate designed for dancing.
What is your answer to everything?
See above.
WNCL plays alongside Leisureware and Daniel Ghazvinie at Fill Yer Boots this Saturday at The White Horse, Hoxton.
Check out the facebook event page.
Photo credit: Georgina Cook