Tiga and Erol Alkan Talk


We love Erol Alkan. We love Tiga. We thought it'd be really nice to get them to interview each other for R$N. We had high hopes. We wrote some questions out for each of them to ask the other. We felt we were on to a winner. We looked forward to the answers. We were left, errr, how can we put this? A little dissapointed. They are both very, very busy individuals… and we appreciate that fact. They were however too busy in fact, that they chose to completely circumnavigate our questions. But, nevermind – onwards! We'll just have to corner them properly next time and get the interview we're after! (was going to link this up to  DJ's complaining but realised, actually this should be under the Journalists Complaining twitter account, which doesn't exist – partly because there'd be so much on it, it would bring the whole interweb down for good)…….. There is to be fair a few interesting ones in here too. 

Tiga Questions to Erol Alkan
Will you ever make a solo "Erol Alkan" record. yes or no.
Yes. I think so.
Techno started as a "futuristic" artform. Is there still anything "futuristic" about it. 
Yeah, I think so, in certain corners of music. Although I think the word 'techno' is too widely applied, much like the words 'genius' and 'awesome'. Futuristic to me means understanding ones boundaries and going beyond them, which I think will never expire
You used to finish your Trash sets with The Smiths "There is a light…." If forced to finish EVERY set now with ONE song from the past decade: what would it be?
Emerge by Fisherspooner, it's such a great singular moment in pop and dance history, and its legacy grows stronger in time
Have you considered going "live" or wearing a mask? if not, why? 
Neither, maybe I should consider the mask though…
If you could choose ONE person/profession to be added to your organization/team (free of charge) who would it be? example: lawyer or personal chef
Good question. That's a hard one.. I need to think about this one..
Whats the most (non music based) techno thing you've done this week?
I can't even remember a single thing from this week, that's how techno i am.
Who is your favourite non dance music DJ and why?
Does Diplo count? I think he's one of my Top 5 anyway: he makes me wanna be a better man. 
Have you ever DJ'ed topless?
Great question. No. BUT I have a very vague memory of playing in a tank-top. I swear I'm not sure if its real or a dream. Would have been at least 10 years ago; when I was juicing it. 
What is the best club record of the last 3 years?
Blawan "6 to 6 Licks" is my favorite club record in memory. 
If you could sign any artist to Turbo, who would it be? 
Burial seems a perfect mix of awesome and low-maintenance. Bruce Springsteen would be a solid addition: would sit nicely alongside Clouds. 
What is overrated?
Other peoples opinions