The Wytches Talk


The Wytches flip psychedelia to it's dark underbelly. Jettisoning the whimsy that often sweetens the genre, the three piece take the fractured riffs of gothic post punk and the fuzzy grit of grunge and scatter them into a forbidding, swirling cosmos; as much Jesus Lizard snarl as they are Electric Prunes' head trip. Part of Heavenly Records' new class of psyche acts breathing life into the UK scene (with TOY and Temples as label mates) The Wytches have just released their debut album 'Annabel Dream Reader', which they're currently touring to much critical acclaim. Bass player Dan Rumsey came back to Earth long enough to give us an insight into their world–

Your music’s been described as an “outpouring of confused catharsis” by NPR, is that how you’d describe yourselves?

We'd just describe ourselves as surf rock. We get asked that so many times so it's simpler to just say that as that encompasses what we are. 

Who have you drawn inspiration from to find your sound and stage presence?

The Birthday Party. They had such an intense stage presence. Obviously we've never saw them live but through videos you tell their shows were insane. Rowland S Howard's guitar tone is so unique too. We are all big fans of his. 

How's touring with the gentlemen of Fat White Family?

It's fun and watching them play is never dull. Despite whatever reputation they've found themselves with they are genuinely nice people too. 

Have you ever been caught getting down to upbeat, light, happy music too or does The Wytches’ sound reflect personal taste as well?

We love all sorts. We like some pop music too, Lana Del Rey being one of them, although she's not really upbeat and happy. But our sound does reflect our tastes too. 

You’ve been described as “looking for trouble” by Noisey …are you?

Have we? We are looking for love… 

If you could get away with it…what trouble would you like to cause?

I guess it would be cool to play like a show  where the crowd go off so much that people try and shut it down. But there is so much security these days it probably wouldn't get to that point. Some security guys can be a bit unruly and heavy handed, sometimes we'd like to give them trouble.

Anywhere you're particularly looking forward to playing on the tour?

We get to go to Portugal next week so that's something we are all looking forward to doing. Mainly as electric wizard are playing the same stage. 

You’ve grown massively in the last three years, is it pretty surreal? How are you finding it? 

Very surreal. It's something you dream about for so long and when it happens it doesn't feel like it's happening, if that makes sense. We're in a bit of a daze. But we are enjoying ourselves. 
Catch The Wytches at the following UK live dates:


7th Bestival, Isle of Wight

14th On Blackheath Festival, London


6th Harley, Sheffield

7th Think, Tank, Newcastle

9th Sound & Vision, Norwich

10th West End Centre, Aldershot

11th Kazimer, Liverpool

13th Duchess, York

14th Roadmender, Northampton

16th Joiners, Southampton

17th Exchange, Bristol



27th Brudenell, Leeds

28th Deaf Institute, Manchester

29th Stereo, Glasgow


2nd Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

3rd Scala, London

4th Venue TBA, Brighton