Simoncino Talks


This weekend direct from Perugia in Italy analogue warrior and recent Tevo Howard collaborator Nick Anthony Simoncino plays Disco Bloodbath. We took a quick broken English 5 mins with one of our favourite Italians of recent times… 

Hi Nick, what is your background in music? Did you grow up in a musical family or play an instrument as a child?
 No no, none of my family was involved with music or with the world of music and I didn’t play an instrument when I was a child. Only my uncle had a small collection of 7 inches that I enjoyed to listening to.
How did you first encounter house music and nightclubs? Was it something that you instantly knew that you wanted to do?
My introduction to house music came via the historic Red Zone club in Perugia. I was very young, I think 14 or 15.  A beautiful Club with a big and dark dance floor and a great sound system! That place changed my life, that’s where my true love for house music was born.
How would you describe the music that you make?
I’m unable give a precise definition or label it (what an ugly word). It varies but always follows a logical and precise idea.
What is your studio setup like?
I’m a true lover of old synths and drum machines. I own many and am always buying and selling them.
But I also like VSTs. I don’t have a problem with VSTs. For me the result counts, not the equipment you’ve used.
How do you like to approach making a track? Where do you look for inspiration?
I start a project when I have an idea in mind. My inspiration comes from many different artists.
Your label Hot Mix has already released music from house music legend Gene Hunt, amongst others. What can we look forward to in the future?
I have many releases planned including another EP from Gene Hunt next year. There will also be Tevo Howard, Steve Summers, Merwyn Sanders from Virgo Four, Rhythm Odyssey, Audio Atlas, Brad Peterson and many more. 
What can we expect from your DJ set at Disco Bloodbath?
A blast from the past…Obscure gems, Chicago House, Proto 80’s, New Wave and more…

Simoncino plays Disco Bloodbath this Saturday… 
Full info and tickets here.