Shook Talks


Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jasper Wijnands has spent the last couple of years dropping jiggling beats fused with vibrating basslines and quivering synths as Shook over the past couple of years. He has swiftly followed up last year’s stirring debut, full of agitated funk beats and wobbly bass with his just released sophomore, “Spectrum”. This is the kind of crisp France inspired house, using precise beats and live instrumentation, similar in sound to the eighties referencing pop of Anoraak, or Fred Falke before he fell off.

Tracks such as ”Vision” even takes cheesy muzak last heard in 70’s lifts and funks it up, while “In Bloom” steals it's breaks from Prince's “Purple Rain” and provides an album high point. Chuck in a bunch of atmospheric electronica and 80’s (so called) sophisticated soul (see Shak-A-Takk) and you have a solid collection of floor shakers. 

As you can see, we’ve cleverly used different variants on the word Shook or Shake above, but what of Shook himself, here’s a bunch of Shake based questions we asked him instead of proper questions about his new album;

What was the last thing you shook?

My Korg R3. Stupid knobs broke off. Now I have to buy a new synth for my live gigs. 

What person do you want to shake hard and why (additional slaps on offer too)?

My brother Billy, he is always giving me a hard time. But he is very elusive, cheeky guy. Normally I just throw stuff at him.

When was the last time you visibly shook and why?

When I was in the train to Paris. I somehow always trip when I am walking to the bathroom.

 “Harlem Shake”, “You shook me all night long”, “Rump Shaker”, “Shake your love”, or crap Welsh Elvis guy from the 80's Shakin' Stevens / why?

Crap Welsh Elvis guy – Shakin’ Stevens: Because I like hamburgers.

What track last made your speakers shake?

Shake! by Morris Day and the Time.

Shook's album 'Spectrum' is out now.