Ph0t0machine Talks


Ok, first up, in less than 140 characters – Twitter style – tell us who you are, a vital statistic, where you play most regularly, your favourite self-produced tune, your least favourite movie and your first choice of beverage on a hot summer's day.

I'm that guy who you keep hearing about but don't really know much about.  Technicolour is my favourite track it always makes me smile when I hear it. I saw Drive at the cinema and to be honest was disappointed, It's pure hype.  I'm a big Guinness drinker, come rain or shine.
What was the first style or genre of music you really got into? Was there a particular song or artist who inspired you?
Reggae without a doubt.  Saxon sound used to record dub plates in my living room when I was growing up and occasionally I'd borrow a drum machine for a weekend and bash away.  There's probably not one single reggae tune that inspire me but on another level Prince is a very big inspiration.  He's the master of emotion and not scared to tell it like it is.
If you had to describe the PhOtOmachine sound as a personality, what would it be?
Al Pachino's character in Devils Advocate.  Loveable, mysterious with hints of darkness
You played at the secretsundaze GoBang! show over the August bank holiday in the Roundhouse which was followed by an night time leg at Proud. How did that go? Do you think multi-venue events like that could become a more common occurrence in cities?
Secret Sundaze is a London rave institution.  When they asked me to play I was stoked.  The roundhouse is such a legendary venue too and the party was solid.  Not many people can pull off a multi venue rave so I can't see it being the norm anytime soon
The secretsundaze event was one of many that got shifted from the doomed London Please Gardens project at Pontoon Dock in East London elsewhere. Do you think there is a need for big venues or site like those with a wow factor to go with the music?
I'm in two minds about big venues.  I really like playing at and going to warehouse raves but theres a fine line between that and losing the intimacy.  You need to get a balance between the two and sometime you don't always achieve that. But when you do, it's on.
If you were curating a festival, what would be your dream main stage line up?
PhOtOmachine presents… Prince, Tom Tom Club, George Michael and Shabba Ranks.  I saw Shabba few years ago in Brixton and, controversy aside, he still has the moves.  For the spectacle element you might have to get Jay-Z & Kanye West in.  Thats probably the best 'show' I've ever seen
You’re playing a set as part of the Somethinksounds showcase at FOUND on Friday, September 21st. What can we expect from youe set? Any new tunes or new toys you've got to play during your live shows recently?
I'm looking to bring my drum machine along and play a few live jams along side some new bits from my new giveaway mixtape,  Sex, Haze & Raves.  Expect a lot of knob tweaking and fx.
Dusky is headlining the Somethinksounds room at Hidden that night and they've been making a big noise on the house scene. What's your take on the duo? Do you know them well?
I know their sound and they're really good.  They seem to be the perfect balance between the classic analogue sounds and the modern take on house.
What have you been listening to this year? Can you give us your top three records of 2012 so far?
I listen to a lot of music so this is pretty hard but i'd say Actress – IWAAD, The Shinning – Hey You (actually late last year) and Kanye West Clique 
If you had to pick one act to see live this year, who would it be?
If they'd play Id love to see ESG perform.  Just like this
Which DJ would you most like to remix your work?
Model 500 without a doubt.  
How is the rest of 2012 shaping up for you? 
It's good.  I've got a lot of new music I'm sitting on that I keep dropping on soundcloud every now and then. Plus new releases  Keep your eyes 
If you were to open up a new club, what would it be called?
Fantasy.  Thats all clubs are in reality.  An escape from reality.
Finally, if you could be doing any other job other than DJing and producing music, what would it be?
My current day job. Which I don't really like to talk about
Interview by Mark Barnard.
Ph0t0machine plays the Somethinksounds showcase at Found on 21st September. Buy Tickets.