lilith talks


Ahead of her set at Ryhtmatic this Saturday, we caught up with one of the rising stars of Dutch house & techno, Lilith, to talk teenage rebellion, mathematical mysteries, gender politics in dance music and jewish mythology… 


Where are you from, where are you now?

Im from Amsterdam, and I still live in Amsterdam.

There is an underlying order in this universe,  which expresses itself in the form of numerical relations." 


Tell us more about these numerical relations and why are they so important within the constructs of your music?

Mathematical mysteries 😉 Pythagoras the ancient Greek mathematician/philosopher, said that music was the highest art, because it is the only art which uses the pure numerical proportions, which govern nature and the universe, as building blocks. You as human come from nature and are constructed from these proportions, thats the reason that harmonically pure music can so profoundly touch you.  


What was the music of your teenage rebellion?

When I was a teenager I just locked myself up in my bedroom singing and dancing in front of a mirror using my hairbrush as a microphone. Salt N Pepa, Ace of Base, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, LL Cool J, Snap! Run DMC New kids on the block, snoop doggy dogg, All 4 one , Toni Braxton, Warren G, Boys II Man, Babyface, Madonna, Craig Mack, Janet Jackson, Real Mc Coy, Notorius B.I.G, Method Man, Wu-Tang Clan.

My teenage rebellion was a big disaster when I went to school in the big city, (I hated school) I saw this kids who looked very different to everyone else. They all had shaved heads and they were wearing Australian fluorescent jackets and tracksuits. They called themselves gabber, from that moment I started to listen hardcore music,  and I fucking loved it, the first thing I did, I shaved my head and asked my mum to buy me an aussie. And from that moment on I turned in to a gabber and my teenage rebellion started. Omg my poor parents.


Tell us what it was like working with Dennis Ferrer.

Dennis is super down to earth and totally himself. Its amazing when you find someone you get along with so well. Dennis is very enthusiastic and he likes to share his experience and ideas with. I think this is something very special. Ive never expected an opportunity this big come to my way and yet it happened naturally.


What do you think about the whole absurd backlash to this Nina Kraviz RA video? 

I think Nina is a great artist and I really love this video. I think its great that she shares her experience and thoughts. And to all the haters: What is the difference between a shot in bikini talking about music on the beach, or a shot in a bath full of foam, talking about the same thing?

I read a really good piece by Greg Wison and even though I dont agree with some of it, I think this particular quote pretty much sums it up: 

"Female DJs have always found themselves sexualised in a way that the men have never had to endure. This has warped peoples perceptions of many a DJ who just happened to be female. The fact that theyre described as a female DJ in the first place muddies the waters, for the sex / physicality of the person has no bearing on their ability to do the job. "


What has been your experience as a female DJ in the industry?

My experience as a female DJ in the industry has been fine so far because I dont know how it is to be a male DJ. For me art has no gender.


"Lilith –  a Hebrew name for a figure in Jewish mythology, who is generally thought to be in part derived from a class of female demons L?l??u in Mesopotamian texts of Assyria and Babylonia." Tell us more about the reason you chose this as your stage name. Anything demonic you'd care to tell us about?

No there is nothing demonic about me.  In Jewish mythology, Lilith was said to be Adams wife (move over Eve). There is a common belief that she was purposefully removed from scripture. Lilith left her husband as she felt too constrained and subservient to him Lilith refused to consider herself anything besides equal to Adam and its that same desire to be individual and different that drives me. 


Tell us about the Dutch scene at the moment. There's some amazing things bubbling out there at the moment.

The Dutch, in case you havent noticed, are taking over LOL


Do you have much contact with Rush Hour? I was out with Young Marco at a festival the other week and the breadth of his musical knowledge is incredible. 

I played vinyl only for 7 years, when I was the other half of DJ duo Naald & Draad and during that period I went to the Rush Hour all the time! But since the digital revolution I started using Traktor.. which definitely has a positive side. However, once vinyl always vinyl.. I find myself missing the feel of it and Im in a process of switching back (I think)


If your sound was a visual thing, what would it look like?

Like an Ableton Project LOL


How many times have you played London before? The Rhytmatic parties are quickly becoming quite legendary so you'll be in good hands on the weekend.

Only once, at Art of Dark party..


First and last record bought?

First record bought uhm I guess it was Mattew Dear (Leave luck to heaven) LP Last record received: Loopdeville From my friends, Label Karton


Whats been the funniest moment of your career so far?

My funniest moment I guess was after my gig at Dance Valley festival, when a fucked up guy jumped out of a big trash bin to thank me for my dj set.


Whats your favorite place on earth?

I will say so far, that Bali is one of my least favorite places on this earth.


What can we look forward to from Lilith in the rest of 2013?

Gigging around Europe to promote my new Lagrimas del Sol album that I did in collaboration with David Gtronic, out on Art of Dark mid May. Then theres an EP I did for Mr Ferrer / Objektivity that should come out this year. Another EP on Moscow Records. My collab track with P.Jones on Novus. WeAre fstvl, Vertigo Festival, & Queensday Objektivity showcase @Studio 80 Amsterdam, I have to ask my agent LOL Im actually also very excited about this party Ill be doing with a couple of cool peeps, called RoundaBaut. Its on May 5th in BAUT, Amsterdam with a crazy lineup. Come party with me if youre in the neighborhood!


Complete the sentence: I'm proper techno because…..

 I love badass gansta grooves.


Are you a kick drum, hi hat or a snare? And why?

Im a Kick drum. Because I like to kick ass! Lol


Do you know Deadmaus, has a mouses's head, for a head? 

Giant mouse head! Im actually waiting for the next big thing in that genre who would perhaps take on a name DJ Dick with a giant dickhead for a head! LOL


What are you obsessed with at the moment?

Im always obsessed with number 44, and If you believe it or not question answered at 15:44 😉

What's your answer to everything?

Thats life


Lilith plays alongside Priku at Rythmatic on Saturday 13th, for further info and tickets check this link.