liam williams talks

Liam Williams, one third of sketch troupe Sheeps brings his solo show to London following a critically-acclaimed, award-nominated run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We catch up with him ahead the start of show’s run…. 
Three words that describe your comedy.
Not there yet.
This year was the debut of your solo show, how did it differ from being in a trio?
Thrice as upsetting.
You were nominated for The Best Newcomer Award at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you were on the judging panel who would you be nominating?
I really liked Jamie Demetriou, Ivo Graham, Joseph Morpurgo, Phil Wang. Probably a few others that I’ve forgotten.
Your comedy sums up the disenchanted apathy of the Y- Generation, suggests the Guardian. Accurate description?
One section of your act involves interesting ideas for dates. Worst date youve ever been on?
I had a choppy weekend in Norfolk with my ex-girlfriend and my parents.
As a Northerner do you find there is a difference between North and South audiences?
Not really, though I once died horribly in Greenwich doing jokes about grammar. Afterwards, one audience member (an undertaker) took me aside and said ‘we just don’t get northern humour’.
Any pre-show rituals?
I have a pint and meditate. 
Best one-liner youve heard?
Some of those Groucho Marx ones are alright

Catch Liam Williams at The Invisible Dot until 9th November. Info and tickets over ‘ere.