Kamera Talks


If you've not come across Kamera yet then you've been missing out on someone who is sure to be one of the biggest highlights of this year's Farr Festival. Straight out of the blocks, his debut release on Phantasy digs right into the nucleus of every last cell in your body and exploits your love of electronic music in more ways that you could ever imagine. Because he's warped our minds in such a peculiar way, we couldn't even get our heads together to ask him some sensible questions. So instead we just breathed in the aural fumes and went with the first things that came into our heads;

Who are you and what do you do?

Kamera. I make music with electric instruments.

Why should we be listening to your music?

I have kids to feed.

Who is making the music that you're hoping to rival?

Bands / Acts I like are Sunn o))), Throbbing Gristle, Sabres Of Paradise, Clark.

Where do you think you'll be on November 22nd 2017?

Probably Mallorca.

How are you making yourself stand out from the crowd?

I can't grow a beard.

What’s your shoe size?


Do you read books still? If so what?

Just finished a good book called 'French Revolutions' about cycling. Reading the Golden Compass trilogy again at the moment and a pile of books about classical music I inherited from my grandad.

What would be your ideal date?

Red wine & crisps. (We'll take you to IKEA then. No, really, look at this. – Ciaran)

Do you still wear flip flops?

Only when its absolutely necessary.

Sandals with socks?

If thats how you choose to live your life.

What do you smell like?

Coffee and embrocation cream.

What is your attitude to bondage? Asking for a friend.

I am indifferent.

How do you take your tea?

No sugar, not much milk.

Will you put your keys in our bowl?

Can I have them back?

Have you ever trapped your finger in a car door?

Trapped my foot in a car door this morning.

Describe your sound without using the letter 'e'.


If your sound were a fine wine, what would the label say about it?

Elegant with spicy bramble aromas.

Who inspired you to get into music? Who inspires you now?

Rory Gallagher, Tom Jenkinson, my parents.

What's on the way from you in the next few months?

Another EP then starting work on an album.

How far would you go to get your music heard?

I'd eventually get round to sending an email.

How do you like your meat cooked?


What is the sound of silence?

I have slight tinnitus so can't really remember.

Are you kick drum, a hi-hat or a snare and why?

Hi-Hat. I think hats & percussion can completely change the feel of a track.

Tonka’s important question: Two pills or half a gram of Mandy?

I'm an athlete these days.

Anything you'd like to add?


Arc is out now via Phantasy. Find out more about Kamera here. See him at this year's Farr Festival.