Josh Wink – Talks Ibiza


Having found his feet as an underage DJ in Philadelphia’s newly emerging electronic music scene during the early 80’s, it would be fair to say that Josh Wink is one artist who’s been in the game from the first whistle. In 1994 he founded Ovum Recordings, arguably one of the most essential electronic music imprints, and became one of the first DJ-producers to translate his hard work into mainstream success when he unleashed a string of classics including 'Don't Laugh'¸ 'I'm Ready' and 'Higher State of Consciousness' the latter topped charts worldwide and has gets resurrected again and again. In recent years 'How's Your Evening So Far' and 'Superfreak' have touched all the right buttons too.

A driving force to work with artists and produce music for music sake, unswathed by trends or fashions has given both Wink and Ovum an integrity rarely seen in today’s over exposed corporaticity industry.
We caught up with the meastro to talk all things Ibiza ahead of his four massive shows on the White Isle this summer.

What are your favourite places to play in Ibiza?

Over the years I have been fortunate to play amazing parties on the island. Space has always been amazing. Whether it be an Ovum night or for Carl Cox's legendary parties. Cocoon has been great too! And I look forward to the ones coming up this season too!

What's the best party you've ever been to on the island?

It's always great to play the big clubs and big parties, and I'm happy to play them. But, it seems that the small, underground parties that are on boats or some lil' restaurant on the beach in the middle of nowhere are the most memorable.

How long have you been coming to the island? What's your ibiza story?

Came for the 1st time in either 93 or 94. It was to play for Wobble at Es Paradis. Then have been coming every year since. Playing lots of different parties. Big and small! Happy to still be coming to the island each year!

Apart from Space and Amnesia, what are you looking forward to doing while you're on the island?

Usually the things not related to clubs. The magical places on the beach, mountains or villas with friends. That's the magic!

It can only happen in Ibiza: What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you on the island?

I got locked in a huge walk in freezer for a couple hours! brrrrrr.

Any secret, out of the way places you always visit when you're here that you feel comfortable sharing with us?

I have learned over the years that I have to remain to keep things secret. So, I'll simply say, the McDonalds on the roundabout going into Ibiza town is the best!

If you were a beach in Ibiza, which one would you be?

The McDonalds on the roundabout going into Ibiza town is the best! Get it?

What does Ibiza mean to you? Has your perception of the island changed since the first time you came here.

Yes, as most things do in life. They change. I think the 1st time I was on the island was in 1993 or 94 and it was amazing. Such a naive and innocent time and in dance music. I miss it. Things have become extremely corporate and far away from the music. But, there are some things if you seek em out- will give you what you're looking for.

What is coming up for your label Ovum?

The Dirty Channels & Bugsy "Alone" is out now with remixes from myself and Pezzner. Next is Nico Lahs new 12'. Then a 12' from Technasia, which we've been wanting to release for a year now, and then Tom Middleton to end out the summer!

Josh Wink's Ibiza schedule runs as follows:

July 13th: Music On at Amnesia

July 24th: carl cox at space

August 9th  – enter at Space

September 6th – Enter at Space