Jamie Demetriou Talks & The New Wave Tour: A Reflection


Jamie Demetriou has just had a critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has been dubbed the current star of character comedy. We pestered him with a few questions after his slot at the first night of The Invisible Dot’s The New Wave Tour and found out about his pre-show rituals, the best one-liner he’s ever heard and the British sense of humour.

Three words that describe your comedy?
Champagne and Livin.
You have a huge range of characters, any sneaky favorites?

Nothing sneaky, no.  Whichevers newest I suppose. Ive started doing a character whos stage name is Knickers Louie but thats about as far as it goes at the moment.

You’ve had roles in TV sketch shows such as Anna and Katy. What’s the best thing about live comedy? And the worst? 

For me, instant audience feedback (laughters) is the best and worst thing about live performance, depending on the content of the feedback.
Your comedy has often been likened to The League of Gentleman. Do you think a dark sense of humor is a particularly British characteristic? 
Not really. Theres a funny sort of grey mundaneness to the UK, and as a setting that lends itself to dark stuff I suppose, so maybe we do a bit more of it. I never really set out to do dark stuff to be honest. I think my intention is usually to bring a bit of tragedy to the characters , and I end up taking that a bit far so it ends up coming across as a bit sinister. I dont know. I havent answered your question and Im sorry.
Which comedians are you currently enjoying or finding inspiring?

Sheeps, Liam Williams (of Sheeps), Tash Demetriou (my sister), Ellie White and Oscar Jenkyn Jones are all acts that are getting me all hot and laughy at the moment.
Any pre-show rituals?

I have to say my entire set out loud, but thats usually broken up by about 6 poo trips.
And lastly, the best one liner you’ve heard? 
My dad once genuinely asked me what the name of the ship in Titanic was called. Hed made a bet at a caf that it was the Mary Rose.

The Invisible Dot’s The New Wave Tour: A Reflection

The Tour promises to deliver the next generation of the most ground-breaking new comedians around, all rolled into one glorious night. And boy do they deliver a whopper of an evening. With around nine acts on the line up The Invisible Dot knows how to jam pack a night, just in case you had any doubts that you weren’t getting your money’s worth. 

With such a night, there is an element of a tasting menu in a Michelin star restaurant, it’s all good but dependent on your personal tastes some acts will make you howl until your soul shakes with laughter, while others will merely tickle your rib cages and leave you with a sneakily suspicion you’ve missed something…

My personal highlights were; the sharp observations of Mae Martin (who has mastered the act of seeming effortlessly ease yet neurotic), the women of Oyster Eyes for their sketch of German feminist comedians and the compere Tom Basden whose snippets from a diary written from the perspective of his six month year old self were pieces of gold. Actually, pretty annoyed he hasn’t published the diary for all to enjoy (selfish). 

It is a tour well worth catching for a sampler of all that is great in UK comedy.  Check out the website to see where the tour lands next. 

Holly Hyde-Smith