Hobbit Talks



Beatboxing and comedy, perfect bed fellows! Hobbit brings his percussive humour to Dong this Friday at Rich Mix and ahead of that we got all up in his grill for a chat, unfortunately not delivered entirely in a beatboxed sub-language, but entertaining nevertheless…
What is the hardest sound to replicate in beatboxing?
I think for most beatboxers the one sound which I have never heard anyone replicate is the sound of a Piano. It's one of those sounds that seems mostly impossible to recreate with the human voice. Cowbell's are also up there but some can nearly get the hollow sound. 
If your personality was a noise what would it be?
This would obviously depend on the day, but majority of the time it would be a fun, funky hip hop beat fit for a sunny day which would slowly turn into a deep bassline and dub like vibe.
You have two laughs that you use in beatboxing. What other unusual sounds are you bringing in?
Umm I think my most unusual other sound I do apart from the laughs is an Airhorn and some oddly sounding high pitch tones (which I'm not even sure how i make!).
You have recently become a cartoon character with a boombox head. What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?
Ooo .. that is a hard question! I used to watch cartoons a lot (and still do!) but I do remember having Thundercats on video and watching it at least 3 times a week. However now Adventure Time takes over most of my viewing. It's pretty addictive viewing.
One hip hop track that sums up how you are feeling right now?
At the moment I have been in the studio recording a lot for an upcoming EP, so right now I think 'The Fugees – How Many Mics' would sum it up quite well.
DONG is hosted at Rich Mix in East London – what’s your favourite place in East London?
A lot of East London is pretty cool, love the vintage shops and the bagel's too. I often spend way too much money there!
Who are you particularly looking forward to seeing on Saturday?
After being to DONG a few times I always look forward to seeing different comedians and seeing what they come up with. This time i'm especially looking forward to seeing Cardinal Burns as I haven't seen them live before!
And finally do you have a knock knock joke for us?
Knock Knock
(Who's there?)
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris who?
The man was killed later that day for not knowing who Chuck Norris is.