Eduardo De La Calle Talks


This weekend at Village Underground there’s going to be a rather special event – MEOKO celebrate music, culture & the creative individuals that make up London’s colourful nocturnal scene. Ahead of the UK premiere documentary screening of the new ‘Beatz’ film, we caught up with director Eduardo De La Calle.

Hi Eduardo, please tell us the drive behind making the film Beatz, what do you hope to achieve with the film?

Well, during the last year I’ve replied to this question with many different answers… Why?? Because there was not just the one reason that pushed me to do this film. For me the opportunity of  being an international  DJ was something that I could not let go. I think that an international DJ has the opportunity and obligation to inform other countries whats happening in terms of electronic music there, no matter where you go. The  other side of the idea was to expand my label Analog Solutions and to not only put out music that was in the  minds of myself and my manager, so we started this project 2 years ago. There was something really  nostalgic about making a film with all the music heroes that I grew up with.

Viewing the trailer, it seems that there is a focus on the ever divisive Analogue/Digital debate. As you run a vinyl only label called Analogue Solutions, Im guessing you stand on the analogue side of the fence?

We have many different opinions in the film supporting every format and it’s not a battle to suport any of them specifically. I would say it’s totally the opposite. Our main mission is also to give the young generations and general public the vision and knowledge of how they could reach the level of being a good producer and DJ.

With your own productions, what gear do you use and whats your work flow like?

Well at the moment I use mastering mixers like the Studer 169 (8 channels), the Sampler mpc 5000 (new version), some Sherman filters, harmonizers like the H3000 from Eventide, some Mackie EQ mixers  aswell, Drawmer Compressors and more. Nothing  new or unexpected! Some of this analog gear is the same  that Villalobos, Maurizio or Carl Craig used in their studios, but I do also have to recongnize that digital stuff is also present in our life and I have to combine both technologies… The workflow during the creation of a track is always the same. Mix, mix, mix and more mixing no matter where you start or finish.

Theres some pretty heavyweight contributors in the film, Derrick May, Kenny Larkin etc. How did you manage to get that sort of access?

It wasn’t really that difficult with all the contacts I’ve built up over my career and also the work that my two mangers put in! They are like a giant library in terms of contacts. After creating nearly 80 vinyls throughout my entire career I gathered many contacts in the underground music industry.

Was there anyone you really wanted to interview that you couldnt get access to?

We got access to everyone… But in terms of difficulty Jeff Mills, Jay Denham or some of the others were really difficult to organise the right moment and place to be with them.

The films halfway finished and youre now looking to source some funding to complete it, is that right?

Yes, unfortunately the financial plan was not very good.. We put the money from our pockets in to finish it and my father  put some funds in as well. The film is finished now!

On completion of the film, what are the plans for screenings/ distribution etc. Have you thought that far ahead yet?

Well, we will make as much noise aroudn it as is possible! First on the internet of course and then later doing also a small run of DVD’s. We’re going to make around 500 copies and try to distribute 100 in japan, 200 in germany and things like that. But still we have to think about that!

Is the film to be released under the Analogue Solutions stable, and if so are you thinking of making more films in the future?

Yes, the film will be public under the Analog Solutions  name. The next film I’m working on will be just music and images I gather from all over the planet during my DJ gigs, but this is another story and now is not the time to talk about it!

Beatz – Divergences & Contradictions of Electronic Music from Analog Solutions Rec. on Vimeo.

You can grab tickets for Friday nights event, featuring the UK premiere screening of ‘Beatz’, a photographic exhibition curated by ‘Daddy’s Got Sweets’ and music all night long from the likes of Valentino Kanzyani, Jun Akimoto and Binh, from RSN Tickets.