Deetron Talks


Ahead of his set at the Mulletover Halloween party on 3rd November, we caught up with Deetron for a frightening chat taking in guns in Columbia, Octopuses, death grips and, most frightening of all, Jamie Jones' impression of a homosexual cat…

How are you, where are you, who and what are you?
Not too bad, thanks. I'm at home, watching the rain outside and trying to finish a piece of music.  
We're waiting with bated breath for your new EP ‘Crave’ featuring Andy Butler and Love Affair, what’s been the hold up? Seen it's finally slated for release with a rather massive selection of remixes including Mr Jamie Jones and a lush Ripperton mix! 
There have been a few factors delaying the release – the delay of the remixes and label politics being the main ones really. I'm glad it's out and happy with the results or as Jamie goes "Miaouw!".
You seem to be playing every other night right now, each night in a different continent! How's the tour going? 
It's going good, the summer's been mental with so much travel involved but it was beautiful as we got to spend lots of time in nice and sunny places. I'm kind of happy to go back to the dungeons and warehouses for the winter now though.
What’s the best show you’ve played this summer?
It's hard to say since most gigs were remarkably good but the Paradigma festival in Holland was really special, the We Love… and Coxy gigs at Space and Stop making sense in Croatia were really impressive too. Oh and not to forget the Secret Sundaze opening! 
How do you find the time to make music too? What are you working on?
It's hard to find studio time really since I'm a father at home and spend a lot of time with our amazing son during the week but I try to make the best out of maybe 2 days a week, which I spend 100% on the music. I think I've become much more efficient in the way I work, simply due to the lack of time. I've just finished two remixes for Aeroplane on Eskimo and George Fitzgerald on Hypercolour and other than that I'm working on completing the last tracks for the upcoming album. ??
Your RA podcast was amazingly varied and stands up as an amazing piece taking in everything from the UK bass scene, the amazing jack of rising stars Bicep, old Detroit classics and plenty else besides. Is it a fair reflection of all the music you draw inspiration from at the moment? What else would you like to have included but didn't have space?
It's quite a fair reflection of the main things I like to play in my DJ sets, or say in dance music. I'm into so many different types of genres which I could have included as well but I decided to keep this podcast for the dancefloor and showcase an overview of the music I listen to at home, or am influenced by, on another occasion in the future. 
My mum looked over my shoulder when I was researching this interview, ‘He’s gorgeous!’ she told me, do you get that a lot? 
My wife says it all the time! And my mum too. 🙂
Who do you see when you look out into the crowd? Who follows you? (Don’t say my mum.)
I'm very concentrated on the music and the technical side of things while I play so it might appear that I don't look out there too often but I'm always aware of what's happening of course. Ideally the crowd doesn't see me, I don't see them and the music just works, if that makes sense.
Your audience is stronger than ever here in the UK. mulletover have just announced you're playing their Halloween fancy dress special November 3rd, do you feel as lovingly towards the scene here as we clearly feel about you? What do you think makes it such a special place?
I do have a soft spot for the UK and London in particular and everyone interested in music should do really. London is a musical Mecca basically now more so than ever and some of the most interesting House and Techno comes from across the country.  I'm happy the appreciation works both ways as I experience some of the world's best and most aware crowds all around the UK. ?
Halloween has turned into a massive deal for us in the UK and for mulletover. You’ll need a Halloween costume for mulletover, what are you going to wear?
I've sort of missed out on all things Halloween up until now as it's not really a big thing here in Switzerland but it seems I have to come up with some ideas for a costume indeed. Maybe I could wear an Octopus costume? Viva el pulpo!??
What's the scariest gig you've played?
I get scared quite easily so when I first played in Colombia roughly ten years ago and the drivers had guns under their seats I got slightly worried. It turned out that they just wanted to make us feel safe (!).The gig itself was great though.??
Who's the scariest person you've DJ'd with?
There are not too many scary people in this business luckily or unfortunately rather….I could name lots of annoying ones though but I won't!??
What's the scariest record you own?
Exmilitary by Death Grips quite possibly. 
Tickets for Mulletover Hallloween are sold out, but you can get tickets to the afterparty aboard the MS Stubnitz here.

Check Deetron live from We Love… this summer half way through on this linkage….