Citizen Talks


Citizen, aka Laurence Matthew Blake, is a relative newcomer to the scene. However, what we know of him thus far is that his productions are brilliant and he has already proven himself on the scene with his extremely credible remixes of Adele and more recently, Waze & Odessey.

Ahead of his performance at Pacha Presents we caught up with Laurence to discuss how things have been going for the London starlet as of late

So it’s been quite the year for you so far, how has it been and have there been any particular highlights?

Highlights so far would have to be playing the Boiler Room with Kerri (Chandler) for a second time. Playing Bm Soho for Record Store Day and actually seeing people buy my records was a nice feeling. Also the support and love I’ve been receiving from so many different camps.

What do you have lined up for summer 2013?

A whole heap of top secret studio projects and my first outing to Ibiza as well. Playing at Outlook, Dimensions and Echo Festival in Croatia and a few off Sonar events and a long standing dream of playing at Creamfields had just come to fruition.

As an East London aficionado what are your 3 favourite hang outs at the moment?

In no particular order: 
My studio which I share with the Love Fever boys. There’s this burger van downstairs ran by these guys called ‘Burger Bear’. Quality.
Shoreditch house has been dope for meetings and showing off.
My bed. I don’t get to see it often these days so its always special.

When making music, what equipment could you not live without?

Marlboro lights and Budweiser have been instrumental in the event writing process for a lot of tunes. Also using and abusing the Korg M1 for quite a while. Don’t think think I’m finished with it yet either

Which artists are really floating your boat right now?

Im really feeling Montel, Squarehead, Waze & Odyssey and Jordan Peak right now. 

Thanks Lawrence, see you Friday!

Cheers guys

You can catch Citizen playing at Pacha Presents this weekend alongside James Welsh, Zoo Look and Last Magpie.

Here at R$N we’re also giving a bunch of you lucky readers a chance of winning one of five pairs of tickets for the event here!

You can also check out the Zoo Look Pacha Podcast to get taster of what’s to come.