Poised between genres and aesthetics, French DJ, producer & co-founder of  Kill The DJ  Chlo  “maintains a style that effortlessly moves between the dark and the sensual. It reflects a unique eclecticism which has led her to become one of the most sought-after leaders of the contemporary electronic scene.” As her biog so eloquently states.

An emblematic figure of the legendary Pulp Club in Paris through her monthly residency, her live audio-visual show saw her recently take over Paris’ Centre Pompidou. She’s produced for the likes of Live at Robert Johnson, Karat records, BPitch Control and released two albums on her seminal co-founded  label Kill The DJ.

Ahead of a rare London show to celebrate the launch of Tim Paris’ new LP, we caught a few moments of her time to talk more about her abstract live shows, collaborating with visual artists and fair bit more.

Hey Chlo, how has 2013 been for you and what is coming up?

2013 has been busy, I’m still on tour and I’m also busy in the studio getting some new releases ready:
I have an EP out on Throne of Blood called ‘Smash EP’ with remixes by Phil Kieran & My Favorite Robot,

and another EP is about to be released on My Favorite Robot records called ‘Last Gasp’, which will come with a remix by Fairmont.
I also co-produced a track with My Favorite Robot called ‘Missing Time’ for their excellent LP and I did a remix for Troy Pierce on Items & Things records.
I’m also part of a video project on Anri Sala’s new work showcased at the Biennale of Venice, this was an intense and amazing experience.

Youre coming to play at Basing House for the Dancers LP launch How did you meet Tim Paris ?

I’ve known Tim for a very long time now, I first met him through the Parisian club scene, he is a close friend of mine.
We’ve played many times together, he’s a great DJ and producer, I was looking forward to his album as whenever Tim produces it’s always special! 

Apart from a busy DJ schedule you have worked on a live show can you enlighten us on the concept? How do you relate to dancefloor music as you like to explore more abstract territories for your live performances?

I toured festivals for 2 years with a live show that includes a video performance by Transforma. Having Transforma’s images drives the liveshow further & gives a different approach for the audience. I am just about to start a new live show with a light show. I think my live shows offer something else compared to my DJ sets, there are more down beats, more textures and harmonies. They’re a cross between my DJ sets and my productions. 

I produce music without setting myself any style limitation, I am a DJ, I play club music, but I also compose slow songs. I release club music and remixes, but at the same time I am very open to have new projects that can nourish my work, collaborating with performers, dancers or filmmakers.

I like to set up specific live shows depending on the particular project. Last year, I played at Centre Pompidou, being commissioned by a French national radio program called : “L’Atelier de cration radiophonique” (ACR). I had to play live by using some archives from surrealism period.

Also I’ve done a ‘cinemix’ at Cinemathque de Paris for a silent movie by Hitchcock called “Blackmail”. These kinds of  projects are important to me, they provide me with new ideas for some of my next productions and I start to get more used to performing and that helps my live work go a bit further.

What music do you listen to outside electronic music?

I listen to all kind of music, it just has to be good.

Gig wise, where do you enjoy playing most? You seem to play some very interesting places!

I like to change and play in some very cool small places with great sound systems, but also love open air festivals, and big clubs. I like changing, otherwise it would get boring.

Musically where did it all start for Chlo?

Probably with my first EP released on Karat in 2002 called “Erosoft”.


You like to collaborate with different artists sometimes. How do you find this ?

I usually collaborate with artists I already know, but sometimes artists come to me with a specific idea. It is very inspiring to work with creative minds from other fields. I often find similarities in other artists work, but it’s certainly another approach of music to me, another angle. It feeds me with me new ideas and sounds for my personal projects.

Music wise this year, how have you found it?  What new acts have caught your attention?

There are a lot of good productions actually. At the moment I like Jackson’s new album.

As a producer you must have written a fair few drum patterns in your time. But are you a kick drum, hi hat or a snare? And why?

I’ve always been very sensitive to bass lines, so I would be a very deep sub bass kick.

Lastly, can you tell us 3 things we should do when we next go to Paris?

Take time, go and see an exhibition in Centre Pompidou, & have a drink at “Le Sans-Soucis in Montmartre – Pigalle

You can catch  Chlo  playing a rare London show on Thursday 24th October for the launch of party of Tim Paris’ ‘Dancers’ LP at Basing House

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