Chattin’ Breeze with Lukas Wigflex, Son Of Philip and Des Hagenasty

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Lukas Wigflex x Son Of Philip x Des Hagenasty

Friends don’t always make great musical collaborators – thankfully in this case all is well that ends well.

Released on Trouble Maker – Lukas Wigflex, Son Of Philip and Des Hagenasty have just worked together on a new collaborative EP which features weird, wonderful sound design and leftfield influences.

The crew are friends and also produced a film to go alongside the title track from the record. The film is set in their favorite city, Nottingham and made by local videographer Toby Curson.


It stars the bad alter-ego of Des Hagenasty who has provided the sleazy verse you hear glitched throughout the track. To top things off, adding to the aesthetic the mini-film is also styled by acclaimed contemporary fashion designer Adam Jones with Hagenasty sporting one of Jone’s famous ‘Tetleys’ sweater vests.


Firstly what’s a favourite recent tune?

Tom: YCO – Body Static. Killer club track. Lukas: That new Rhyw on Fever AM is killer.

Charlie: It was released last year, but ‘the witching hour bell’ by Dopelord has been my most played track of the last 12 months apparently so that

Dream collaboration music or other and on what sort of project?

Tom: Scoring a film with Alessandro cortini would be pretty mental

Lukas: Probably James Holden producing some sort of Eric Cantona poetry throwdown.

Charlie: There’s loads for music n film to be fair but I’d probably go for a collab with ‘Clark’s’ on a pair of black ostrich leather and suede high top wallabies (with a marbled brown n gum crepe soul if it was possible) and the ‘hag lurks’ logo debossed into the tag… or something like that, never really given it much thought.

If the other two were instruments what would they be, and why and what key would they be tuned to?

Charlie: I reckon if Tom was an instrument he’d be Elton John’s million pound piano but orange and obviously pianos are tuned to equal temperament which seems about right

Lukas, probably the green rangers dagger flute that calls ‘dragonzord’ on for the tear-up, in fact no that’s me. He’d be a proper long yellow n green slide whistle tuned to E major

Lukas: Tom’s a homemade pair of bag pipes and Charlies a big fuck off Timpani.

What’s you’re most embarrassing music/DJing or industry moment to date?

Lukas: I was singing Crazy D lyrics to Sgt Pokes at Waterworks the other month. Still cringing hard over that.

Charlie: Easily when I was living in Bristol n I’d recently had a pretty prickly break up and there were loads of my x’s mates at this event (probably didn’t even notice but was a thing in my head) and I’d got dressed up feeling n thinking I looked bad!!! in these tye die trousers n dress tee that I used to wear with a fucking drug dealer pouch with a few cd’s of ‘the heaters’ in. Spent the first half of the night walking about hyping my set up to folk and drinking too much and when the time finally came, the room was ram out with a well lit, sauna-hot DJ booth and only one track off of one cd worked. So I just looped four bars that said ‘dance! dance!’ over n over for about 5 minutes whilst I frantically shredded through my daft fucking pouch, inserting and ejecting the remaining cds trying not to let on how hard I was flopping it, beads of sweat dripping off my nose bright red faced and desperate, folk watching through their fingers until I just fucked it off n stormed straight out the club and on to ‘biblos’ for a chicken n halloumi wrap.

There’s plenty of others occasions, unfortunately, but that one stands out.

If you had to weaponize a song and play it at deafening volume on repeat in order to gain vital intel from an opposing spy or soldier you’ve captured, what tune is it?

Lukas: The rhubarb and custard theme tune all day long.

Charlie: Theme from Dawson’s creek, the lyrics would take on new meaning, proper get in their head. they’d be spilling beans like a chef with no arms in no time.

Tom: Hizatron – Von Glooperstein.. would tear your head apart.

Artwork A SIDE BLK – Lukas Wigflex and Son Of Philip – Me & Meds [TRBLMKR12011]

"Folk watching through their fingers until I just fucked it off and stormed straight out the club and on to ‘Biblos’ for a chicken n halloumi wrap."


Calverton or Mansfield?

Lukas: Ooh tough one. My uber driver told me Calvo has the best Indian food outside of Bradford the other day so probably Calverton. Although I did used to love the old Mansfield quiff they used to all rock up those sides.

Charlie: Mansfield each n every

Tom: Neither

What 3 songs are dead certain in the sex mix?

Lukas: Strictly Keith Sweat.

Charlie: Depends on the mood, probably al green – ‘simply beautiful’, masterstepz – ‘r u ready’ haha
Duran Duran Duran – ‘face blast

Tom: John Martyn – Solid air

What’s your favourite tune to boo to?

Lukas: Obvs Miss Dynamite boo.

Charlie: Antony and the Johnsons – hope there’s someone, absolute sobstep

Tom: Portishead Roads off their Roseland NYC Live album.

What song do you know every word to?

Lukas: My older brother taught me every word to Snoops Doggs “doggy style” when that first came out on a road trip to stay at my aunties in Germany. Can still remember the pair of us rolling round rapping the whole thing and the look of shock on all the middle aged German stiffs.

Charlie: Biggie – gimme the loot

Tom: T-Pain – I’m Sprung

Who wins in a fight? The Beatles, a Volkswagen Beetle and Jeremy beadle? And how?

Charlie: The Beatles, John n ringo jab jeremy’s head off while George n Paul put the VW up on bricks.

Lukas: Jeremy would wobble those four piece of piss. “Beadles About” was as sly as it gets, he showed he could fight dirty if he needed to.

Tom: Jeremy Beadle writes off his Volkswagen Beetle with the Beatles strapped to the roof.